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Computer Accessibility-Lessons-and-Ideas-

Computer Accessibility Lessons and Ideas​ (Windows)  SD71 

Many of these tools provide Text to Speech and Speech to Text options and a headset with a microphone would be required inorder to use them on school district computers. If headsets with microphones need to be purchased we recommend these sets that will work on both computers, laptops and iPads. Contact to purchase. 

Cyber Acoustics Universal Stereo Headset AC-204 from Staples.

Insignia Headset With Microphone (NS-PAH5201-C) from Best Buy​

If you have trouble connecting the headsets and microphones to the school computers here are some TIPS​  

Agenda Nov 22nd Tech Ambassabor Mentorship Tech_Ambassador_Reading_Writing Accessibility_Computer_Nov_22.pdf

Agenda May 23rd Tech Ambassabor Mentorship â€‹Tech_Ambassador_Reading_Writing Accessibility_Computer_May 23rd.pdf

​​Topic, Program or Google Chrome Extension​Accessiblity Tool or Idea​Lesson​Best Practice Ideas​Resources 
​Voice Search
   chrome.JPGvoice search.JPG
​Use Speech to Text to search the internet and look things up. â€‹1. Open Google Chrome

2. Open a new Google Search page 

3. Click the microphone in the middle search bar (make sure you have a microphone plugged in or on your laptop)
4. Say what you want to search for "Dogo News"

5. Click on link (if you need support reading it use Read&Write Read tool or Hover Speech)
Set a Learning Intention

Use a Visual Schedule

entire thing first

Chunk it in steps modeling each step then have students do each step

Have things written down so they have a visual​
WEB​SITE focus
Dogo News 
Dogo News.JPG
Simple ​Website with Current Events with subject preferences Science, Socials, Media...

Vocabulary words, often a video with article
Works with most Accessiblity Tools 
​​​See above 
1. Activate Prior Knowledge by talking about the topic asking questions like...
  • ​Can you think of a time when...? 
  • What do you know about? 
  • Have you been to...? what can you tell me about it?​​
​Dom Distiller Reader View Google Chrome Extension
    chrome.JPG     DOM.JPG

Cleans up visual clutter of a website so text is easier to process.  Change backgrounds and fonts to easier processing.

Often websites have too much information on them and being able to select just the relevant information makes it easier for students to process. 

Try the beige or â€‹black background as it makes the text easier to process then text on a white screen. 

Try the font choice​ on the right as it is cleaner font and adds spacing between letters. 

Control + makes Text bigger
Control - makes Text smaller 

If you need the Text Read out loud the install and use the Voice Instead Extension.  Select the text in Dom Distiller mode and right click pick Voice Instead icon to have it read out loud. 

Use Voice Search to say the article that you want to open. You will need a headset with a microphone if using voice search. 
1. Open Google Chrome
2. Open Dogo News website  and a relevant or prefered  article. 

3. Click on the DOM Distiller icon (3 purple dots on Chrome tool bar) DOM.JPG to clean up / or distill the page.  Once activited the 3 dots will turn pink. 

4. Right click on the DOM Distiller icon and click options to change the options of backgrounds and fonts. 

5. Click on the DOM Distiller icon (3 purple dots on Chrome tool bar) DOM.JPGto turn off the distill mode. 

6. Share which customizations  work best for you. 
  • Distilled / Not Distilled
  • Black/ White/ Tan 
  • Which of the 3 fonts

 Will you use this tool? â€‹

​dom distiller image.JPG
Chrome-Dom Distiller-TIP Sheet.pdf

DOM Distiller Reader Mode Checklist.docx

Extension for Google Chrome
chrome.JPGU block.JPG
​Removes advertisments â€‹â€‹â€‹
​​Read&Write Chrome Extension

read write tool.JPG
             text help.JPG

Installed on all computers in SD71

Focus for  1st lesson...

  • Text to Speech (Play Pause, Stop)
  •  Hover Speech (Toggle) 
  • Picture Dictionary 
  • Dictionary (with Text to Speech) 
  • Screen Mask
Focus for this lesson or a 2nd one depending on the students
  • ​Simplify 

All Tools 

Tool Bar with the following supports 

  • ​​Word prediction
  • Hover Speech
  • Dictionary (with Text -to-Speech)
  • Picture Dictionary
  • Text to Speech
  • Screenshot Reader
  • Speech Maker
  • Screen Masking
  • Speech Input (Speech to Text)
  • Translator
  • 4 Highlighters 
  • ​​Collect Highlights​​
  • ​Vocabulary Builder 
  • Simplify Page 
  • Practice Reading Aloud 
read write tool.JPG
             text help.JPG

​1. In the Dogo News Article Click on the Read&Write extension (purple puzzle piece) ReadWrite.JPG.

2. Log in with SD1 email and password

4 Text to Speech Tools  Play, Pause, Stop, Hover Speech

1. Select a section of the text
2.. Click the Play button (arrow) Arrow.JPG

3. Click the Pause , Click play again

4. Select different text

5. Click Play, Click Stop

6. Select the Hover Speech Tool 

7. Mouse the mouse cursor over an area fo text to be read out loud (text with read and track)

8.Can change settings (speed, voice,  continuous reading and translation language under OPTIONS purple pull down arrow) 

Dictionaries / Comprehension
Picture Dictionary/ Dictionary 

1. Picture pic d.JPG Click on a word you don't know. Select the Picture Dictionary icon.  You can leave this tool up all the time and just click on the words you don't know. 

2.  Dictionary  Click on a word you don't know. Select the Dictionary icon. The definition will pop up and can be read outloud by clicking the speaker icon. 

Screen Mask 
1. Click on the screen mask tool Screen mask.JPG to turn screenmasking on. move your cursor around to see text through the screen window. 

2. Click on Screenmask tool to turn it off. 

1. Open a website article. Click on the Simplfy Tool simplify.JPG to clean up the Clutter.

2. Decrase amount of text to be read by clicking the - tool and increase the text by click the + tool.

3. Click on the Contrast arrow to make changes to the contrast of the text. 

​​Introductory video on Read&Write for Google Chrome with Office 365​

​quick reference Read and write.JPG
ReadWrite for Google Chrome in Office 365 Quick Reference Guide 2217.pdf

​​How to log in to ReadWrite for Google Chrome in SD71.pdf

ReadWrite Chrome Changing Language settings.pdf

Read&Write Training Materials
*In SD71 we are using Office 365 instead of Google Products GSuite

Read and Write replacing apps and extensions Poster.pdf

Read and Write Toolbar Chrome Poster.pdf

​RW Checklist.docx

​ RW Making notes checklist.docx

​​Vu Bar​Software added to all computer in SD71 and can be found in Programs menu. Support for students with Dyslexia, decoding, tracking, processing and vision needs. 

Adds an on screen, customizable slotted ruler to the screen and you can customize the bar width, height and colour. Right click on the bar to customize it.
vu bar.JPG

Low Tech Reading window avalible for download in two sizes Big and Small. Print on coloured card stock, cut out the window and laminate (can use coloured transparency for coloured window).  

Low tech Gudied Reading coloured overlay strips purchase â€‹
​​​​Please contact the Student Services Tech Deptment to add this tool to BYOD or home computers â€‹

​​Vu Bar with District Databases, websites, e-text.pdf

reading windows big.pdf

reading windows small.pdf​
​WEB​SITE focus
​Simple ​Website with Current Events with subject preferences Science, Socials, Media...

Can control lexile reading levels. Can sign in to use other supports and assignments. 

Works with most accessiblity tools. 
​​See above 
1. Activate â€‹Prior Knowledge by talking about the topic asking questions like...
  • ​Can you think of a time when...? 
  • What do you know about? 
  • Have you been to...? what can you tell me about it?​
​​SS Overlay​​​Software added to all computers in SD71 and can be found in the Programs menu. Support for students with Dyslexia, tracking,
 processing and vision needs​.

Similar to low tech irlen overlays. Adds an on screen, customizable coloured overlay to the screen. Right click on the SS Overlay icon â€‹ss overlay icon.JPG to change the settings (colours and transparency)​
​​​​Please contact the Student Services Tech Deptment to add this tool to BYOD or home computers â€‹â€‹â€‹

ssOverlay with District Databases, websites, e-text.pdf
Open Dyslexic Font Extension
chrome.JPG Open O.JPG
​​​​Changes all of the text on websites and in Office 365 into the Open Dyslexic font. This font provides heavier weighting to the letters and spaces them differently.  Many students who have difficulty with decoding text find this font helpful. 

This extension will need to be added to the Chrome toolbar as it is not on our SD71 image by default.  

​​1. Download Extension from the Chrome Webstore

2. Search for Open Dyslexic Font​

3. Click Add to Chrome. The "O"  Open O.JPG icon will show up in your toolbar.

4. Open a webpage with Text. 

5. Click on the "O"  Open O.JPG​icon and click the button to ON the text will change to the open Dyslexic font.  Click it off to turn the font off. 
​​Information on Open Dyslexic Font â€‹

Open Dyslexic Font Extension on Chome Web Store
​Open Dyslexic Font extention with District Databases-TIP Sheet.pdf​​​
Spritz Reading
​Improvse reading fluency, speed and tracking. Online tool that takes text and clears up the clutter and isolates chunks of text to be read by the student. â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹​ â€‹
To add Spritz to your toolbar 

​​Look CVI

​Look is a reading tool, with multiple functions and settings, designed to make reading easier for people with CVI. 

Look can be used for all levels of reader, from a non-reader learning to read, to an experienced reader wanting specific settings to read faster and more comfortably.

Look enables the user to insert any text (up to 10,000 words), and adjust the settings, to read a single word on an uncluttered screen, and either change each word manually, or set the speed for Look to present the words automatically at your comfortable reading speed. â€‹
​​​Look CVI​ 

​EText, SD71 Databases,  Websites â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹
Read&Write Version 12 Windows 
RW 12 tool bar.JPG
  • Software Tool Bar with the following supports 
    • Spell Check​​
    • Word prediction
    • Dictionary (with Text -to-Speech)
    • Picture Dictionary
    • Text to Speech
    • Screenshot Reader
    • Scan Tool
    • Screen Masking
    • PDF Reader
    • 4 Highlighters 
    • ​​Collect Highlights​​
    • ​Vocabulary Builder

To download Read&Write version 12 software for BYOD computers click HERE 
once on the website click the button that says 
Get Your Free 30 Day Trialget trial.PNG
Then click Windows and Try Now
The software will install. Once it has installed click on Microsoft then enter your SD71 email account 
and password (same one you use to login to school computers).  
ReadWrite for Windows v12 PDF Reader.pdf

Link to Text Helps  videos on Read&Write version 12​​
Immersive Reader 
  • Text to Speech with word tracking, can change the voice speed and language
  • To change to French select some text and right click > set proofing language> French 
  •  Can change Text size, fonts, spacing and themes
  • Can select Parts of Speech and syllables to help with Comprehension and Decoding 
​Open a Word or OneNote document and select Edit Document> Edit in Browser > View tab > Immersive Reader â€‹â€‹â€‹Immersive Reader with Word Online in Office 365 -TIP Sheet.pdf

Immersive Reader in French in Office 365.pdf
​​How to use Immersive Reader and Learning Tools in Word Online​