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                          COMPUTER ​


Read&Write read write logo clip.JPG Google Chrome Google Chrome.PNG
Works with Office 365 office 365.JPG in SD71 
not Google Products (GSuite)
  • ​Installed on all computers in SD71
  • Tool Bar with the following supports 
    • ​​Word prediction
    • Hover Speech
    • Dictionary (with Text -to-Speech)
    • Picture Dictionary
    • Text to Speech
    • Screenshot Reader
    • Speech Maker
    • Screen Masking
    • Speech Input (Speech to Text)
    • Translator
    • 4 Highlighters 
    • ​​Collect Highlights​​
    • ​Vocabulary Builder 
    • Simplify Page 
    • Practice Reading Aloud 
read write tool.JPG
             text help.JPG
Introductory video on Read&Write for Google Chrome with Office 365​
Word online in Office 365

Introductory Video on using Read&Write for Google Chrome on the web​ * Please note in SD71 we use Office 365 instead of Google Docs. So wehen the video refers to Google Docs switch to Word in SD71. 

If you would like to install Read&Write for Google Chrome at home or on BYOD computers...
1. Make sure you have Google Chrome Browser loaded ​you can download it HERE

2. Go to the Chrome web store and install the Read&Write Extension HERE

3. Once the above steps are complete. Open Read&Write by clicking on the Read&Write rw purple puzzle piece in the Chrome extensions area. Select Sign in with Microsoft and Log in with your SD71 email.  

quick reference Read and write.JPG
ReadWrite for Google Chrome in Office 365 Quick Reference Guide 2217.pdf

Read Write Chrome Login poster.pdf

ReadWrite Chrome Changing Language settings.pdf

Read&Write Training Materials
*In SD71 we are using Office 365 instead of Google Products GSuite

Read and Write replacing apps and extensions Poster.pdf

Read and Write Chrome Toolbar Poster.pdf

SETBC Self directed Course for Read&Write
*We are a Microsoft district so anything that refers to Google Drive or Docs is One Drive and Word

Webinar from April 12th ITIC and LST meeting ​

Read&Write read write logo clip.JPG app for iPad 
  •  ​

  • works as a webtool bar in Safari 
  • download the Read&Write app from
  •  iTunes       ​​
  • ​install as a keyboard to use in any apps 

  • Read&Write app on iTunes 

    Read&Write app Resources 


    To get serial # for Read&Write app please contact 
    or the 

    ​Read&Write Version 12
    on SD71 Computers
    RW 12 tool bar.JPG
    • Software Tool Bar with the following supports 
      • Spell Check​​
      • Word prediction
      • Dictionary (with Text -to-Speech)
      • Picture Dictionary
      • Text to Speech
      • Screenshot Reader
      • Scan Tool
      • Screen Masking
      • PDF Reader
      • 4 Highlighters 
      • ​​Collect Highlights​​
      • ​Vocabulary Builder 

    ​Link to Text Helps  videos on Read&Write version 12​

    ReadWrite for Windows v12 PDF Reader.docx

    To download Read&Write version 12 software for BYOD computers click HERE 
    once on the website click the button that says
    Get Your Free 30 Day Trialget trial.PNG
    Then click Windows and Try Now
    The software will install. Once it has installed click on sign in with Microsoft then enter your SD71 email account

    Read&Write read write logo clip.JPG for Microsoft Edge Browser edge.JPG
    Home or BYOD use with SD71
     Microsoft account and 
    Office 365 office 365.JPG
    Log in with SD71 email

    ​Check out Read&Write for Microsoft Edge! Information from Text Help Read&Write 

    Installing Read&Write for Microsoft Edge! HERE 

    Once it has installed click on Microsoft then enter your SD71 email account