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Comox Valley School District
Speech to Text

To use Supports for Reading and Writing you can email or share a document with the student. 

When students are using Speech to Text for the first time it is important for them to practice using familiar text or β€‹dictating something that they are comfortable with. 

Recommended Headsets with microphones:

To use Speech to Text and Text to Speech options and a headset with a microphone would be required on school district computers. If headsets with microphones need to be purchased we recommend these sets that will work on computers, laptops and iPads. You can contact to purchase them or order them from the locations below. 

Cyber Acoustics Universal Stereo Headset AC-204 from Staples.

Insignia Headset With Microphone (NS-PAH5201-C) from Best Buy​​

​                                        computer.PNG
                          COMPUTER β€‹

​Google Chrome.PNG Talk Typer  talk typer.PNG  

  Web tool in Google Chrome 

  Accessible on all computers in SD71  

  Need a Microphone 

  Google Chrome Browser

  Copy and paste dictated text into other    programs Office 365, Office 2010-2016,    Kurzweil, email, text boxes, blogs 

  •  Speech-to-text for Google Chrome, not   an extension, but a site that functions    only in Chrome.
  •  Alternatives provided for dictated text.  eg. you or you've
  • Can use in multiple languages Including French 
      •  Install Chrome extension UBlock  Origin  to automatically remove ads that may be inappropriate or distracting  (this extension is​ installed on all SD71 computers)​

      ​tt tip sheet long.PNG
      TT tip sheet.PNG

      Chrome-TalkTyper- Tip Sheet.pdf

      How to use TalkTyper on the Computer.pdf

      Talk Typer Video

      Talk Typer Tip sheet
         Enable Dictation 
       β€‹   Built in Accessibility Feature in iOS on  iDevices 

      enable dictation.PNG
      • Microphone icon added to the build in keyboard
      • Speech to Text in any app or text box that uses the built in keyboard.
      • Will work in Multiple Languages including French
      • Turn on Enable Dictation under Settings > General > Keyboard > Enable Dictation
      • Turn on Siri under Settings > General > Siri 

      Enable Dictation Tip sheet 

      SETBC iOS Accessibility Resources 
      ​​Microsoft Office 365 β€‹Dictate microsoft.JPG dictate.JPG in Installed Microsoft Applications and Office 365 Online Tools
      * Provides Speech to Text in MSWord, OneNote, Outlook 
      • works best with a noise cancelling microphone or in a quieter setting
      It can be added Installed Office Products on Home computers or BYOD windows computers running Windows 10. You can download a copy of MSOffice 365 for free as an SD71 student or staff from​  Utilities > Office 365 >login  > Install Office apps button β€‹Office.JPG

      Word Online Writing and Reading Tools.pdf

      Commands you can use in Dictate in Office 365.pdf

      Dictate Office 365 Word Installed.pdf

      Dictate Office 365 Word Online.pdf

      Dictation Chart.pdf

      Microsoft Office 365 Support for Dictate Windows 10​

      Video for Dictate from Microsoft​
      ​ WSR.PNGWindows Speech Recognition β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹
               Accessible on all computers in  
               (Need a Microphone) β€‹

      • Speech to text right in documents, text boxes and programs 
      • Access under Start Menu > Accessories > Ease of Access > Windows Speech Recognition
      • Can put a Short Cut on the Task Bar                
      How to Use Windows Speech Recognition