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Comox Valley School District
Vision / Reading and Declutter Supports



​                                  computer.PNG
Use Control + to make web page bigger
and Control - to make it smaller

​Windows Magnifier β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹
  • Accessible on all computers in SD71
  • ​Search for Magnifier in Windows
  • Can change zoom size, lens, colour Inversion  and if it follows the mouse pointer or keyboard
Windows Magnifier How to​

   safari.JPGReader View in Safari
 β€‹   Built in Accessibility  Feature in iOS on iDevices in Safari 
        readerview safari.JPG
reader view.PNG

Reader View in Safari​ Tip Sheet 

Reader View in Safari Video​ 
​Google Chrome.PNG​ Reader View  β€‹ reader view 1.PNG reader view 2.PNG
  •  Extension in Google Chrome
  •  Reader View has been added to the β€‹image on  SD 71 computers
  • Declutters screen once you have drilled down to the article
  • can customize font type, font size and contrast
​Reader view tip sheet.PNG
Chrome-Reader View-TIP Sheet.pdf

Vision Accessibility  Tools
  • Built into iOS Accessibility
    • Zoom
    • Bold Text
    • Button Shape
    • Increase Contrast
    • Larger Text 
    • Gray Scale 

SETBC i​​OS Accessibility Tools Scroll to the bottom to find Vision Tools.
Open the Resource tab for Print Resources Video tab for Video Resources 
​chrome.JPGDOM Distiller Reading Modedom distller.JPG
  •  Extension in Google Chrome
  •  DOM Distiller Reading Mode has been added to the β€‹image on  SD 71 computers
  • Declutters screen once you have drilled down to the article
  • Right click on DOM Distill icon and select Options to customize font type and contrast
  • Use Control+ & Control - to change zoom size 

dom distiller image.JPG
Dom Distiller with District Databases websites e-text -TIP Sheet.pdf

Dom Distiller Chrome Extension Taskcard.docx

DOM Distiller Reader Mode Checklist.docx

​​ Vu Bar 
  • Software added to all computer in SD71 found in Programs menu 
  • Support for students with Dyslexia, tracking, processing and vision needs
  • Adds an on screen, slotted ruler
  • ​Can customize bar width, height and colour
  • Right click on the bar to customize
vu bar.JPG

Low Tech Reading window available for download in two sizes Big and Small. Print on coloured card stock, cut out the window and laminate (can use coloured transparency for coloured window). 

Low tech guided reading coloured overlay strips purchase 

Download VuBar​ β€‹

​​Vu Bar with District Databases, websites, e-text.pdf

reading windows big.pdf

reading windows small.pdf

​​SS Overlay 
  • ​​Software added to all computers in SD71 found in Programs menu
  • Support for students with Dyslexia, tracking, processing and vision needs​
  • Similar to low tech irlen overlays 
  • Adds an on screen, customizable​ coloured overlay to screen
  • right click on the SS Overlay icon β€‹ss overlay icon.JPG to change the settings (colours and transparency)
Low Tech Overlay options use coloured transparencies. One option is using Poly Pockets from Staples 
                 coloured OL example.jpg coloured overlays.PNG
Download SS Overlay β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹

ssOverlay with District Databases, websites, e-text.pdf