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Comox Valley School District
Maker Space


The ministry of education has created a new course called Applied Design, skills and Technology (ADST) for grades K to 12. It is based around Design Thinking. To assist teachers with implementation we are providing projects, teaching materials, building materials and the tools to allow students to create projects:



 Iphone/Ipad      Mason Bee hive         Planter                 

 iphone holder.jpg          Mason Bee hive.jpg      planter.jpg                   

 BBQ scraper             Door signs            Soma Cubes                   

BBQ scraper.jpg       signs.jpg     soma cubes.jpg

Paddle Wheeler      Geo Boards        Gravity Car

      paddle wheeler.jpg                Geo boards.jpg        gravity cars Queenesh.jpg

How to make ipad holder (2).pptx

Gravity Track for loan   

gravity car track.png       

Taking Making into class rooms cover page.jpg