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Maker Space


The ministry of education has created a new course called Applied Design, skills and Technology (ADST) for grades K to 12. It is based around Design Thinking. To assist teachers with implementation we are providing projects, teaching materials, building materials and the tools to allow students to create projects:



Bird house    Locomotive      Logging Truck            Planter

bird house.jpg locomotive.jpglogging truck.jpgplanter.jpg



 Design thinking worksheet2.pdf
 Design thinking worksheet.docx


  Safety First:

Elementary HEADS UP FOR SAFETY.pdf

How to use a Jig saw:https://youtu.be/FNoNeOswCt8

How to use a Chiselhttps://youtu.be/x8Wn4zd1_fw

How to use a handsaw:https://youtu.be/ALdiwwCgSbU

How to use a hammer:https://youtu.be/g6dvj4MKjDc


Types of screws:https://youtu.be/uuR2Z60KYos

Screwdriver types:https://youtu.be/wHXgKPxgBDc

Mitre Box:https://youtu.be/_d5g6yDWUBA