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Comox Valley School District
​​​​​​​​leader carpentry.jpg​​​​Student Leader Material​
​Leaders arrive at Sandwick at 9:00
​Introduction to event, then learn one trade 
Set up work area
Teach elementary students 
Clean up and finish by 2:30
** Lunch is provided **

leader auto.jpg

For all the activities, it is expected that the leaders will take the time to carefully watch and learn from the youtube video’s below, try the skill yourself, and ask Mr. Grey to inspect your work or give you guidance in the skill.​

​Info on AreaYoutube Video to Watch​​​Link to Career TradeInfo Sheet​​
Plumbing Info
DrainsSoldering CopperPex Pipe​
ITA YOUTH PlumberPlumber.docx
​Electrical InfoElectricalCord Repair​ITA YOUTH ElectricanElectrician.docx
​CarpentryFraming a WallITA YOUTH CarpenterCARPENTER.docx
​DrywallDrywalling​ITA Drywaller​Dry Wall.docx
​PaintingPaintingITA Painter​Construction Painter.docx
​MechanicsMechanics​ITA Auto Service TechnicanAUTOMOTIVE SERVICE TECHNICIAN.docx
ITA Cook​Cooks.docx
​Concrete FinisherMasonry Institute​Concrete Finisher.docx

Student Leader Information Sheet