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Comox Valley School District

March 27 – 31, 2017


This week's hours:


Monday – 8:30 – 12 and 4:30 – 7pm

Tuesday – closed

Wednesday – 8:30 – 12

Thursday – 8:30 – 12

Friday – 8:30 – 10 then tour of airport (full)


Welcome back from Spring Break.  We only have three months left together before summer holidays.  In that time we will explore nature by planting seeds, raising butterflies, hatching chicks and going outdoors.


We started before the break by planting our potato seeds.  How much have they grown in one week? We will begin to measure and record their growth.  The pots will remain in the classroom till the threat of frost is over.  Then we will move them to our school garden.


Monday morning we will make a new play dough recipe and use Jell-O powder to make rainbows.


Monday evening is our monthly pot luck.  The centre will be open from 430 – 7pm and we will have dinner around 5:30.  Come and join in the fun with your whole family.  Bring a dish of food to share.


Tuesday the centre will be closed since we were open Monday evening.  This would be a good day to go for a walk and find bushes that are just beginning to bud.  Cut a few different branches and bring them in for us to take a closer look at.  If anyone has forsythia growing in their garden I would like a few cuttings for the art table.


Wednesday our grand friends will come and visit us during our gym time.  They will stay after for songs and stories.  Starting in early April we will begin visiting Glacier View Lodge every Wednesday.


Thursday we will make Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Bites for snack.  Come in early to help bake but there will some left if you come later.


Friday the centre is open first thing in the morning then close at 10 for our final field trip to the airport.


Starting on Tuesday, April 4th we will visit Little River Nature Park and explore the pond.  We will close the centre early to drive to the park and see how it changes as the weather becomes warmer.


Wednesday, April 12th we will visit Shamrock Farm to explore their chicken barn.  This will be the beginning of our egg and chick project.  There will be a sign-up sheet at the centre as there will be a limit.


Next week I will have the full April calendar with all field trips attached to your email.


Look forward to seeing you soon.


Have a great week, Maureen​

March 2017





The Shape of Me and Other Stuff

By Dr Seuss


Wear Black



Mr Brown Can Moo! Can You?


Wear Brown

8:30 - 12


One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish


Wear red or blue

8:30 - 12



Dr. Seuss' birthday


Dress at the Cat in the Hat

Pro D day

Schools closed

 8:30 – 11:30Closed from last month's evening sessionClosed for training

8:30 - 12


Big Buddies

8:30 - 12


Scholastic book orders due

 8:30 - 12

8:30 – 10:00


Airport field trip 10:30

8:30 - 10


Airport field trip 10:30 

8:30 - 12

St. Patrick's Day

At Hurford Park

   10 – 11:30

 Spring BreakSpring BreakSpring BreakSpring BreakSpring Break 

8:30 – 12


Evening potluck 4:30 – 7pm

closed8:30 - 12

Grand friends visit​
8:30 - 12

8:30 – 10:00


Airport field trip 10:30