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Aboriginal Education Services
Aboriginal Support Workers


​School​Aboriginal Support Worker​Scheduled days at School​ School Phone number
​Airport Elementary​Ann Billie​Tuesday and Friday am​250-339-3732
​Arden Elementary​Sandi Phye​Monday - Friday​250-334-3191
​Aspen Elementary ​Ann Billie​Mon, Wed, Thurs​250-890-0944
​Brooklyn Elementary​Nicole Seeley​Tues and Friday am​250-339-2232
​Courtenay Elementary​Liz Harris​Mon, Tues, Thur and Friday am​250-338-5396
​Cumberland Community​Shannon Campbell​Monday - Friday​250-336-8511
​Ecole Puntledge Park​Dean Quiring​Monday - Friday​250-334-4495
​Ecole Puntledge Park​Danna Caudwell​Monday - Friday​250-334-4495
​Ecole Robb Road
​G.P. Vanier​Cherie Dalgleish​Monday - Friday ​250-338-9262
G.P. Vanier​Gina Murray​Monday - Friday​250-338-9262
​Glacier View​Bobbie Bailer​Tues, Wed​250-338-2752
​Highland​Liz Brown​Mon, Wed, and Fri am ​250-339-5525
Highland​Josie Andrew​Monday - Friday​250-339-5525
​Huband Park​Natalie ForceThursday​250-338-6596
​Lake Trail​Jeannine Lindsay​Monday - Friday​250-334-3168
​Mark Isfeld​Elizabeth Brown​Tues and Thurs​250-334-2428
​Miracle Beach​Natalie Force​Monday​250-337-5114
​Nala'atsi Alternate ​Bobbie Bailer​Mon, Thur and Fri am​250-331-4040
​Queneesh​Sally Sheehan​Monday - Friday​250-334-4089
​Royston​Liz Harris​Wednesday​250-334-2161
​Valley View ​Nicole Seeley​Mon, Wed, Thurs​250-897-0343