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Indigenous Education
Demo Lesson: Weaving Aboriginal Content

This portion of the lesson includes the activity demonstrated, and a list of kits from the LRC which may contain items that could be used to do this lesson. 

Please refer to the math and language pages linked on the sd71 website for the other AFL connected portions of the lesson.

Update: Content of the lesson was adjusted to use a pair of Mukluks, provided by Toresa Crawford, Nala' atsi Teacher.

Integrated lesson plan.pdf- Lesson plan (Appropriate for Grades 3 and up)
Integrated lesson plan.pub- Lesson plan (Appropriate for Grades 3 and up)

Lessons created by Lynn.Swift@sd71.bc.ca, Melissa.Litke@sd71.bc.ca, Suzanne.Camp@sd71.bc.ca, Carol.Walters@sd71.bc.ca, Cheryl.Adebar@sd71.bc.ca, Toresa.Crawford@sd71.bc.ca

*New* : 

Mukluks and Oral Storytelling Primary Lesson- 
mukluk oral story lesson primary.pub- Provides and introduction to Oral Storytelling using the AFL strategies. 

Lesson created by Lynn.Swift@sd71.bc.ca, Melissa.Litke@sd71.bc.ca

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