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Indigenous Education
Fish Traps
Fish Trap Video​​ by Fox and Bee Media
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For more informatin about the traps, check out Project Watershed's site:


The information on this page comes from Comox Valley Archaeologists Nancy Greene and David McGee view their full report here.

Results of highly detailed mapping and radiocarbon dating at a vast and largely unknown intertidal fish trap complex indicate a large-scale, technologically sophisticated Aboriginal trap fishery operated at Comox Harbour, Vancouver Island, British Columbia between about 1,300 and 100 years ago...

AbEd fish trap visit with Nancy Green.JPGPre-Teaching Lessons

Lesson 1: Lesson 1 Fish Trap Pre-Teaching.pdf OrLesson 1 Fish Trap Pre-Teaching.docx

​​Supporting Materials:  

1. Fishing Thinking Sheet.pdf

2. K'omoks Estuary Speaks - for video see above or click here​

3. Diagram of Fish Trap: Fish-Traps-Diagram.jpg

Lesson 2:Lesson 2 Fish Trap Pre-Teaching.pdf Or Lesson 2 Fish Trap Pre-Teaching.docx

​​Supporting Materials:  

1. Boxing Strategy Fish trap.pdf or Boxing Strategy Fish

2. Fishing Trap Experience- for video see above or click here​.

3. Fish Trap Overview August 30 2017.pdf

4. K'omoks Estuary: A Cultural and Archeological Treasure video - see below

AbEd Fish Trap field trip.JPG

A Visit to the Comox Harbour and Fish Traps ​Lesson

Fish Trap  OR Fish Trap lesson.pdf

Tour Talking Points

  Fish Trap Tour Topic Points.docx OR Fish Trap Tour Topic Points Nov 2017.pdf

A reflection on that visit example...

Fish Trap  OR Fish Trap Reflection.pdf

Some background information: 

Fish Trap Overview August 30 2017.pdf

Nancy Greene, Archeologist:

Stephen Hume: Archeology student publishes paper on ancient, industrial-scale First nations Fishery

Understanding Aboriginal Fisheries In British Columbia  website from Indigenous Foundations UBC​...

2017-05-16 12_33_44-Aboriginal Fisheries in British Columbia.png


 Fishing Since Time Immemorial, Coast Salish Harvesting Methods, The introduction of canneries and a wage-based economy,The creation of an Aboriginal “food fishery”, Aboriginal fisheries in the courts: Sparrow, Van der Peet, and other legal challenges, Not a “race-based” fishery.

The K'omoks​ Estuary Speaks


Kus-Kus-Um - Unpave Paradise Project

by Jessica Speck - a journey spearheaded by project Watershed to restore the old Fields Sawmill site back it nature to help preserve the Comox Valley estuary and it's diverse eco-system.


K'omoks Estuary: A Cultural and Archealogicial Treasure