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Indigenous Education
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Indigenous Education and  and Indigenous Education Staff 2018-19 

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Fast Facts…Did you know? 

1. Aboriginal Education is made up of 21 support staff (ASWs and District staff), 3 teachers,  1 Administrative Assistant and one 1 District Principal. 
2. We also support the Nala’atsi Alternate School for secondary students (1 teacher, 1 Family Youth Support Worker, 1 EA) 2. 
3. We provide enhancement services to 1100 Aboriginal students in SD71 (increasing every year) – approx. 14% of our student population in SD71 3. A Full 1/3 students are self-identified as having Metis heritage. The majority of our students are identified as having “First Nation” heritage from all over Canada.  
4. Approximately 20 students come from our host Nation, Komoks First Nation
5. Targeted funding ($1195.00 per Aboriginal student) generates approximately 1.3 million dollars each year to support students in SD71. 95% of our budget goes into staffing.  
6. The Aboriginal Education Council (AEC) provides governance over the services provided in SD71. 
7. Our Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement covers 4 key areas for Aboriginal students; Leadership, Sense of Belonging, Academic success and Sharing of Culture.