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Indigenous Education
Aboriginal Education 101

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Acknowledging Territory, Elders, and Protocols

How to ackowledge territory and the difference between and acknowledgement and welcome.​

Although similar protocols are observed within many Aboriginal communities, each community can differ in their traditions and protocols; therefore it is essential to explore the appropriate approach for each community with which you work.

​​Book Lists and Lessons

Bead Timeline​

Bead timeline story telling created and shared by Suzanne Camp, Courtenay BC​.  This Bead Timeline can be used as a visual representation in many ways,  for example, to explain how long Aboriginal people have lived here, oral storytelling traditions, telling the story of cedar, conservation and environmental impact, community development plus much more.

Respectful Harvesting Practices​​

Identifying Aboriginal Ancestry​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Talking Circles​

Terminology​ ​​So,  Which Term do I use?  Find out the Canadian terms