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Airport Elementary
School Focus and Goals


School Goals/Focus Areas

This is the starting place for our work at Airport on the Framework for Enhanced Student Learning or FESL.  The School Learning Plan is a living document that is designed to serve as a "blue print" to guide and align a school's work in terms of learning. It is designed to allow schools to align all their resources in order to meet all students learning needs. ​

It is very useful to have an understanding of what makes Airport Elementary School special before considering any kind of blue print for learning. Although all elementary schools focus on learning, it's considering the things that are unique to our school in particular (the school's context) that help us determine the best way forward (the school's focus​) in order to best support our students' learning. For a description of our school context and how we chose what to focus on to support student learning, please go to this Prezi.

Learning and Action

Social and Emotional Learning

  • ​​We have implemented Positive Behavioural Interventions and Support (PBIS) program at Airport. We began the process late last spring and it is used consistently around the school. This program focuses on encouraging positive behaviour and teaching students appropriate ways of behaving while at school.
  • We have been in communication with representatives from the online "Inner Explorer" program. This program uses a web-based platform to promote mindfulness in the classroom


  • ​In September, teachers met to discuss the learning needs of their students. Two common themes during these conversations were increasing support for reading and math. In October, the district's Curriculum Support Teachers (CST's) visited the school to help us choose a focus.
  • Rather than choose between reading and math, the CST's brought up the idea of focusing on "thinking" to help support student growth in all areas of the curriculum, including math and reading. The staff was in full support of this direction!
  • In November, we decided on the book, "The Curious Classroom" to support student "thinking". Now that we have chosen a resource, the focus of our professional learning will be a school book club. We will use the book club to work through "The Curious Classroom" to apply its strategies our classrooms. 


  • We will monitor office referrals, teacher feedback, and student surveys in order to assess the effectiveness of PBIS and the "Inner Explorer" program. We will then use this data to adjust our practice to better meet our students' needs
  • We are anticipating the effects of students becoming better thinkers to be widespread. We will assess these impacts on student learning by looking at assessment results in Reading and Mathematics along with results in Science and Social Studies.

Al Johnson

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