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Arden Elementary
Dress Code


**School is a place of learning and our clothing should reflect this.
Use good judgment when choosing your outfits**

1. Clothing must display respect for others

Any clothing that has inappropriate slogans or promotes the use of products that are illegal in the school setting is not permitted.
No clothing is permitted that may be considered offensive to others.
Hat / caps are not to be worn inside of the school

2. Clothing & appearance must not be distracting to others. 

Students should not wear clothing that is revealing or worn in a way where underwear is visible. A general guideline would have the neckline no lower than a short neck chain. Tops must have two shoulder straps and the back must be covered. Shoulder straps should be 5 cm wide. Shirts must cover the shoulders and extend down the arm.
Midsections should be covered. Clothing that reveals a person’s stomach is not permitted.
Shorts, skirts and dresses must be of an appropriate length. A general guideline would be no shorter than the tip of the index finger when the student is standing with arms down at their sides.
Students should not wear make-up / lipstick / eye shadow to school 

3. Clothing must promote a healthy and safe environment within the school.

Footwear must be worn at all times within the school.
Gym shoes must be able to be tied so they will not come off easily.
Appropriate gym strip should be worn during gym time, intramurals or team events.