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Arden Elementary
PAC Minutes

​​December 2015

Adopt Minutes: 1 st Bobbie / 2nd Ramona
Adopt Agenda: 1st Diane/2nd Bobbi
Principals Report:
1) Staffing Chang
 Mr. Goodwin is doing well after his heart attack and surger. He will know for sure when he will be
returning by the end of the week. We are expecting to see him early January.
 Ms. Karen Renison-Kane is retiring and wish her all the best. Ms. Kerr is taking over the class .8.
 Ms. Laura Forin will be teaching one day in Ms. Kerr’s class and one day in Ms. Wolters’ class.
2) Special Performances
 Christmas Concert
We had a wonderful turn out for both concerts last week. Our students seemed to thoroughly enjoy
themselves with their songs and actions. We appreciate Ms. Cluff, for her enthusiasm and work to put
this concert together. The concert was very positively received.
 Axis Theatre:
The Axis Theatre Performance was a wonderful musical theatre experience, including some amazing sets,
costumes, and even puppetry. The story was a remake of the Pied Piper and had a great message of
being compassionate, telling the truth, and keeping your promises. The kids were extremely engaged
and a very attentive audience.
Community Connections
 Christmas Hampers
Many thanks to everyone again for their donations for the food hampers this year. They will be picked
up tomorrow at 1:00.
 As part of the School Culture PLC students have had the opportunity to give back by volunteering or
giving gently used toys. Salvation Army Kettle Bells: Five Arden Students joined Mr. Goodwin to sing and
ring the Kettle Bells. They raised $200 for the Salvation Army. Gently Used Toys Delivered this week.
4) Sports
The Arden mixed grade six volleyball team had an amazing season. They played a new style called triple
ball, designed to increase the number of "hits" per side and to decrease frustration in this skill based
program. Speaking of skills, it was great see how much these kids improved over the few short weeks
they were together. District-wide the teams (we had enough students to run two teams in the league)
quickly gained a reputation of team sportsmanship, spirit and cooperation that extended to the players
on the other team. Both teams will enjoy an ice cream treat on Thursday as a celebration, and
encouragement to join the basketball team in January.
There were just a couple of students who had ever tried curling before. The rest were totally new to the
sport. Ms. May and Ms. Segriff had some learning materials from Comox Valley Curling to teach them
the game before going. It took a bit to get everyone organized on the first day but within minutes of
being on the ice, all students had big smiles on their faces. The volunteer instructors have been
OUTSTANDING, even with our special needs kids. They have been incredibly encouraging. Each student
has built enough skill to play a game and they are very excited when Tuesday comes. They are sad that
tomorrow is their last day. The teachers would give this program a 10 out of 10...for everything;
including was just 6.00 per kid per one hour and a half lesson. Teachers would definitely be
signing up again in the future if it's still available.
5) Aboriginal Education
 Facilitated plant walks in our forest with Suzanne Camp (the inspiration for the book)
 Brought in Aboriginal storytellers for classes (Phil Umperville)
 Wrestling with Ken Lees
 School wide coloring contests (with 12 prizes)
 Moccasin Trek...story telling
 PowWow dancers
 Took groups of students to Lake Trail to make bannock and gingerbread cookies
 Aboriginal lunches every week – they can invite a friend every other week
 In the new year, we will be making masks with all the intermediate classes
6) Education/Curriculum
 New Reports or E-Portfolios: This year teachers have a choice whether to communicate learning
through a new report card template or to create portfolios for their students. Primary classes are
communicating learning via report cards (9) and intermediate classes are using portfolios (9). Report
cards will be sent home this week. Portfolios were viewed by most parents during parent-teacher
conferences and teachers were pleased by parents’ positive response.
 Professional Learning Communities
We have three Professional Learning Communities that are now implemented for this year. There are
two PLCs that are focusing on a new learning support model called “Response to Intervention” or “RTI.”
The model focuses on interventions that specifically address learning needs in a more proactive,
collaborative manner. In addition, we have a Cultural PLC, as mentioned above, focusing on developing
successful learner traits and a sense of belonging.
Upcoming Events for the New Year:
1) White Hatter Presentation at Lake Trail on internet safety for Grade 6 students.
Student Session: 12:45-2:45pm
Evening Session (Parents & Community): 6:30- 8:30pm
Location for both sessions: Lake Trail Middle School – Gym
2) Swim Program: Thanks to PAC for supporting the Swim Program again for grades 1-4. This will begin in
January for 5 classes (Ms. Arsenault, Ms. Harry, Ms. Segriff, Ms. Devlin, Ms. Street) and in February for 5
classes (Mr. Clarke, Ms. May, Ms. Wolters, Ms. Kerr and Ms.
3) X-Country Skiing for the Grade 5s: formalizing the dates at this time for 3 cross country dates.
4) Next Month’s PAC Meeting: Paul Berry to attend.
Mr. Paul Berry would like to speak with the PAC about our Safety Protocols for specific emergencies. We
tend to be familiar with fire and earthquake drills but not so familiar with “hold and secure” and
“lockdown” drills. He will share with the PAC the different protocols and the reasons for each.
5) Our next PLC afternoon is January 13, 2016.
From the entire Arden Staff, we wish everyone a restful winter break! See you again on January 4, 2016.
Trustee Report N/A
Treasure Report
Presentation: Rolanda Murray from VIU, Canada Learning Bond Coordinator
 There are grants available to help parents save for their childs post-secondary education
 BC is one of three provinces in Canada to have additional education funding available who
are pursuing education other than university (ie trades)
 money from these grants can be used for tuition, fees, or other education expenses, and can
beused for a variety of programs (short certificates or longer degrees)
 for the Canada Learning Bond, the child must have been born after 2004, have an open
RESP account and the family has an annual income of less than $45 000 (as verified by
federal taxes). An initial $500 will be deposited when the account is set up, and an additional
$100 will be deposited each year that the family remains eligible, until the child turns 15.
 children with some savings are more likely to graduate high school and 50% more likely to
pursue a post-secondary education; parents are more likely to discuss post-sec options
 uptake rates in the Comox Valley are about 34% (for eligible children); approximately 66%
of children are not receiving money that they are eligible for
 application is done online and transmitted directly to the bank; all that is required is a SIN
card for both the child and the custodial parent
 everytime a family uses a SmartSaver application, VIU is paid $25; if a PAC would like to
set up an event location and provide families (minimum 10 families), then the PAC could
raise $15 from every sign-up done at this event
 more information can be found at
Darren Laur Presentation
 Lake Trail and NIDES are hosting Darren Laur on January 4, 2016, with a parent
presentation that evening
 more information to follow. DPAC will promote event.
Trustee’s Report provided by Ian Hargreaves
 at the recent Trustee meeting, Tom Weber was elected to Chair and Janice Caton to Vice-
 Sherry Elwood has been elected again as President of the Superintendents Association of BC
 the 5 recommendations in the long-range plan document will likely be determined separately;
 discussions on these are proceeding but no decisions have been made yet, please join in the
discussions on
 Place speak thru the district website.
 the next Board of Education meeting will be on January 12 at a location still to be
 more information on the new curriculum is available on the District website; the k-9 draft is
out and is being used by teachers on an optional basis
 calendar options will be available on the web site for parental input; final decisions
regarding next years calendar will be made at the February Trustees meeting
 the District has received an increase in capitol project funding for items at Isfeld, Lake Trail
and Courtenay El
 the Vanier seismic upgrade will be breaking ground July 2016; this is projected to be
completed in two years instead of three; shops classes will be the first area to be upgraded
 our District is losing Russell Horswill (SD 71 Secretary treasurer) to the Vancouver
SchoolBoard early in 2016; a process has been started to find his replacement
out of 40 schools in BC that are set to close, 19 of them are in Vancouver
 DPAC is trying to coordinate a meeting where Don McRae can be in attendance; PAC’s will
have the opportunity to each ask 1 question; more details to come, So please think of questions to
bring to our next meeting so as a PAC we can decide on a few to bring forward.
Suggested we have a few different questions in case of repetitive ones.
 In-Service PAC Funds: used to be $65 went to each PAC from the District; now is a flat rate
$100 per school plus $0.70 per student at that school. This money is available at the school
and to be used at the PAC’s discretion
Upcoming Speakers
 possible dates for Gary Anaka are: Feb 10, 11, 16 or 22; one will be booked, information to
 Possibilty of upcoming speakers to our meetings in the new year:
 Doug David and Jay Bridges will speak on the iCan program and Chantal Stefan will speak
about EDAS at the January meeting
 Gerald Fussell will speak about Resiliency at the February meeting
 Lyn Swift, Denise Anderson and Gail Martindale will speak about Ab Ed and the Truth and
Reconciliation Project at the March meeting
 All parents welcome to attend these meetings.
Treasurer Training
 5 schools / people have conveyed their interest in attending a Treasurers Workshop; this will
be booked most likely for January; more detailsTBA – interested please email DPAC.
 Pointsetta totals: Roughly $700
 Fundraiser went really well , beautiful flowers.
 Winter Market Fundraiser: $1996.85 - AMAZING
 Vendors seemed happy and most seemed to make a profit.
 Next year perhaps have a dedicated craft or project for the kids to create in the “craft corner”
 Mystery Ball tree went well. All balls were sold.
 Next Year move silent auction table to center of the gym to keep the draft away from
 Bake sale table was lovely and very creative , professional looking goodies!
 Volunteers were great. No issues with staffing the tables or stations
 Delegate someone to do the bake sale table next year.
Funding request of $200 from Sandy Phye to create a traditional plants book.Bobbi makes a motion to
fund $200 for the Traditional plants book
Diane 2nds the motion
All in favor
New Business:
Arden Parent ( Sarah Valentine) proposal for more bike racks -We will keep an eye on the situation
and how full the racks are over the next few months. Look into possible funding options for additional
1st Diane 2nd Ramona​

January Meeting Minutes

January 19th 2016
Adopt Minutes: Ramona 1st/Donna 2nd
Adopt Agenda: Rena 1st/ 2nd Donna
Presentation ~ Lock down Drills:
● Paul Berry , District Healthy and Safety Officer , did a
presentation on lock down drills and demonstrated how a
lock down might look or why we might have one in place.
● Arden will have “lock down” drill on January 28th at 12:40-
Principal Report:
● On the go right now , FSA has started in the district.
● We have until the 19th to get it done.
● Grade 4's got a letter sent home from the district , allowing
them to opt out if they choose.
● Got the opportunity to go on golden eagle lunch with
December child and going with the November child who was
missed. Child choose Boston Pizza
● Staples called last week , new programs are available and
would like to discuss.
● Asked about school supplies and if they are needed.
● They are donating $300 towards supplies. Very much
appreciated and generous offer.
● Cultural group , biggest thing is bulletin board , working on
being industrious , make connections outside the school.
● Mrs. Harry's class did Christmas cards and took them over to
● They are the 1st class that volunteered to go visit the
seniors group at the church.
● Starting in February they will go visit , starting small ,
taking a few books , read along with the seniors and move
from there.
● Dr. Claire coming to talk to grade 3's & 5's.
● Grade 3's discuss proper names for body parts , grade 5's
get puberty and hygiene.
● Some other teachers were wondering about extra funds , for
Dr. Claire to come in and speak to other grades too.
● Cost would be $115 an hr
● primary 2 - 45 minutes sessions
● intermediate's 2 -1 hrs sessions
● Swimming has started , been running for 2 weeks.
● 16th , 23rd and 1st for grade 5 skiing.
● Spoke with Steward Robbinsion from Compass adventures
sailing , possibility for grade 6's who missed out on skiing last
year to go this year.
• 2 extra non installation days this year, will help teachers
prepare for new curriculum.
• District calendar , 2016/2017 - up until February 10th
• Only difference is Christmas break , Christmas is on a
Monday , so Christmas break would start off on the 16th or
• Parents can go online to vote for which Calendar they
• 2nd day of Golf , 3's and 4's February 23rd coming to Arden
Gym for golf less
• Janine Trickey , exchange teacher for Mrs. May
• Mrs. May to come back January 2017
• Mrs. Kane retired and Sara Kerr took over
• Laura Forin is co-teaching.
• Mrs. Honeysett is going on mat leave.
• We will be hiring for her mat leave position.
• Will make a decision on who to hire by Friday or early next
Vice Principal Report:
● Trying out things a little more 21st century and have removed
desks from the classroom and instead using tables.
● As part of PLC's using the daily 5 literacy program
● Small group instruction.
● The teacher sits at one end and a small group at the
table , teacher can give easy instruction and feedback.
● All other classes have a rainbow table but Mrs. Wolters and
Mrs. Kerr
● $450 per table , 2 rainbow tables are needed
● Ramona makes a motion that we pay up to $450 towards a
rainbow table for Mrs. Wolter's classroom
● Donna 1st/ 2nd Nicole
● All in favor
Trustee Report:
● Next boarding meeting 26th of January
● since last board meeting , Tom Demao has been appointed
acting district superintendent
● Tonight I was at the 1st meeting for the recruitment firm , to
secure a new superintendent.
● Acting secretary , Sheldon Lee.
● Arden was well represented at the meeting
● Footloose was a great event and performance , may become
an annual event. Very well received by those who attended
● Long term facility plans , still going through
recommendations on phase 5.
● Decision to be made in March on school closure.
● Budget shortfall is going to be $2 million , 2.5 million shortfall
this year.
● Last closure meeting was Jan 6th for Puntledge
● Feb 9th is the next education meeting location TBA
● School Calendar online , Feb 25th meeting was not on the
● Feb 25 is a non-instructional day for teachers to learn the
new curriculum and 26th is a pro D day.
● 2 meetings attended so far , only money for 4 days from
government money.
● 2 this year , 1 next and 1 the following year.
● No money from the government for further than that. Do
not expect anything else
● Focus for this day is the core competency
thinking , communication and personal & social responsibility
● May 20th , 2nd NID – You-tube videos on the Government site
which give you an idea of the curriculum
● District homepage , there is a link
● LEARN 71 in the bottom corner , access that , takes you
to lots of info and a homepage with tons of link and
portals to e-portfolio , or MYEDBC.
● Tons of stuff on the site , its slower to access
DPAC Report:
● No DPAC meeting in December
● Donna was at the educational meeting.
● Next DPAC meeting , next week , Cara Classen to come
and give a talk on the e-portfolio and SD71 that was
presented at the Education Meeting
● All welcome!! Any parent in district in the welcome :)
Come hear the speakers and presentations.
● Donna and Ramona will not be making the next 2 DPAC
● If someone wants to go in their place and take minutes it
would be appreciated.
*September for the treasurer training course -TBA
Treasurer Report:
Gaming $8101.10
General $7,680.75
Hot Lunch:
● Next up is Purdys Chocolate for Easter
● Forms will be going home end of February and due back
mid March.
● Chocolates will be delivered before Spring Break.
● Will confirm dates soon.
Old Business:
● Still watching the bike rack situation.
New Business:
● Cross Country Ski Trip - $50 to 6 parent volunteer's = $300
● Rena makes the motion up to $300 for 6 parent
volunteer's to accompany grade 5's skiing
● Donna 1st/2nd Nicole
● All in favor
● DPAC treasurer training workshop
● Not until September
● Questions for Don McRae
● Not attending DPAC , hoping to have him attend a private
● Every school and PAC and will get a question, but wont
be until Fall.
1st Ramona , 2nd Donna​​

February Meeting Minutes

Adopt Minutes: 1Brenda/2nd Bobbi
Adopt Agenda: 1st Bobbi/2nd Ramona
Principals Report:
• Spoke with Lena , about meeting with General manager of Staples
from Nanaimo.
◦ He wants to get into the school supplies business , similar to what
teachers file does.
◦ Could potentially save parents money.
◦ Comes with a black bag , vs a paper bag , same supplies , the nice
thing is if something breaks they will replace it for free if it came
in the pre package.
◦ Don't know the cost difference at this price.
◦ Ask Jeff from teachers file to come in and do a presentation.
• Craft sessions started on Monday.
• They are making some adorable little things.
• Huge success and each sessions is totally filled.
• Baptist church across the street , 1 st day this week , Mrs.harrys
grade 3's going to visit and read stories with the elders.
• Penny Carnival , need to discuss dates.
• Mr.Reimer looking into getting ex Arden students to come up and
• Next week 25th and 26th No School – Pro D day on the 26th. Teachers
learn new curriculum on the 25Th
• May 20th is the other day scheduled for all teachers and admin at
to learn and discuss new curriculum. There will also be no school
this day
• Evening of the 24th will be a parents meeting on the new curriculum
at Isfeld. 7-8:30PM – multi purpose room.
• Dr.Claire has come and conquered our grade 3's and 5's. Kids likely
came home with lots of questions.
• Had the pleasure of going to the Nanaimo symphony with the Grade
4's – all loved it!
• Comox Valley Presbyterian church , Ex-principal asks if we could use
a donation of money towards the school , we got a cheque for $285
for things like our food program for fruit etc...
• New set of students going swimming started last Friday – Mr.Clarke ,
Mrs.Trickey , Mrs.Wolters, Mrs.Kerr and Mrs.Kruegers class are now
• Gymnastics equipment here until next week ,
• Sherry Roffey from comox rec coming next week 10th/11th to work
with the kids
• 2nd set of golf lessons next Tuesday , grades 3 and 4's.
• Anti bullying day is Feb 24th
• Brenda to check with Tracy to see if we can get some Pink
shirts donated.
• PLC tomorrow 12:20 dismissal
• Cross Country skiing started today!
• Great day and fabulous weather
• This Thursday school website will be updated
• Going to work with us to get it transferred over to the new
program and have a more current website
• FFSA is just ending
• classes have done their part and now catching up kids who
were absent , following Saturday they will be marked.
• Alternate work week
• Same presentation given to the staff last week
• Why we are doing it?
• Because of budget shortfalls and a 2.5 million deficit don't
want to cut student support any further
• It is NOT a 4 day work week , despite the advertisement
• Re-locating prep time , 100 minutes
• Eliminate the wed PLC in favor of a Friday PLC
• More consistent weekly schedule while maintaining PLC's
• Next calendar year we are going back to 1 week spring break ,
which will help with the shortfall of hours from a PLC on
• There would be a few more minutes added to each school day
but hasn't been determined how it might look
• Everyday Friday school day would end at 12PM.
• Eliminating the confusion of alternate PLC day alternating
Vice Principals Report:
Trustee Report:
• Vote for the 4 day week will be in March , will have a definite answer
by end of Year
• All other options have been looked at, but this is the best of the
worst situation.
• Other options include
• cutting our Vice Principals but that doesn't actually save us any
funds, and it only hurts our district by forcing good teachers to
move away to pursue moving up to become principals.
• Another option would be cutting ALL EA's and support teachers.
• Cutting all bussing in our district is another potential option but
that may cause many children to not attend school at all further
declining our enrollment and our budget deficits
• 4 day week
• We still have a say in how the 4 day week would look , and can
voice any concerns or questions – nothing has been decided
• There would still be Pro-D days and holidays within the 4 day
work week , only PLC's would be removed from the week and
would then fall on every other Friday but since school would end
every Friday at 12PM , it would not cause an issue within the 4 day
school week.
• We NEED to make up this budget shortfall one way or another
without further hurting children.
Information on alternative week can be found on the SD71 Website ,
There is a link on the right hand side that takes you to the alternate week
DPAC Report:
Presentation by : James Robinson – Compass Adventures
- over 3000 students have participated in their innovative programs
- now feature a National Catamaran Training Center program, for students
across Canada who are competitive racers; this is the only school district
in North America with a program like this
more information is available at
Presentation by Kara Dawson – Learn 71 (our Trustee touched on this at
last meeting)
- Kara is the lead tech support for the District, and helps to guide teachers
through e-portfolios and digital learning
- is a portal for teachers, parents and students to find
information on learning
resources; links are included to sites such as MyEdBC, My Site, Innovative
Inklings (Gerald Fussell’s blog), and information on the new curriculum,
school databases, and a searchable database on District PLC projects
- also available as a link off of the District website, is Learn Now BC, which
features live tutors for high school students Sunday – Thursday from
6pm-10pm and lesson videos for grade 4 and up
other Districts are also now using this site and its links to help their own
AGM and Election of Officers
Note: Donna G. of Arden has remained DPAC Treasurer.
In fact all positions of officers remain the same and were elected by
Chair – David G.
Vice-Chair – Tonia F.
Secretary – Sheri G.
Superintendent’s Report – provided by Tom Demeo
The Long Range Facilities Reports are being reviewed and a report will be
provided to Trustees
- the final meeting in the Puntledge consultation will be in March
- budget deliberations are currently happening
- cross-border transfers and kindergarten registration will not be
considered until after the long-range facilities plan is completed
- the budget will be short by $2 million to $2.6 million, and the District is
looking at a variety of ways to overcome it
Other items of note:
- copies of the Strategic Plan for 2015-2016 were handed out; these are
also available online
- there have lately been many challenges for Trustees
- March 8 from 6-9pm is the last public meeting for Puntledge
- everything will be on the table when it comes to possible cuts this year,
and right now information is being gathered on all of the possibilities;
however, everything is just talk until it becomes a board motion for
investigation; watch the Trustees at the Board meetings for where they
direct senior staff to investigate to determine which options are being
out of 13 years as a Trustee, 11 of those years have included various cuts to
the budget
- approximately 90% of the current budget goes towards wages
- June 30 is when the next budget has to be passed; Bill 11 gives the
government authority to completely replace the board if the budget is
not balanced
Encouraging all parents
- please attend (in person or online) the next few board meetings to get
the first hand information
on the issues in this district
- keep sending feedback (both positive and negative) to the Trustees
(email contacts are
available on the District website)
Aboriginal Education Council Report provided by Kathleen Hawksby
- Bruce Carlos is putting together packages for all of the PACs regarding
the Truth and
Reconciliation “Project of Heart” for all of the PACs to use and distribute
Many upcoming Events/ Presentations:
Feb 24: Maria LaRose ( Educating Through the Heart) 7- 8:30 Mark Isfeld
Multiprupose Room
Feb. 27: Vancouver Island Parent Conference (Colwood)
Feb. 29: Dough David and Jay Bridges (iCan Pgm) presentation at DPAC
Feb. 29: Chantal Stefan (EDAS pgm) presentation at DPAC meeting
March - no DPAC Meeting - spring Break
April 11: Kristini Buhr ( Anxiety and Resiliency) Time and place TBC
April 25: Angela Holmes (active Transportation) presentation at DPAC
April 25: james Flawith ( safety gear for children) presentation at DPAC
April 29-May 1 : BCCPAC Conference and AGM ( Kelowna)
Treasurer Report:
General: $8,621.31
Gaming: $8,101.16
Hot Lunch: Nothing to report. Going well.
• Next Fundraiser is Purdy's chocolate forms due back early march
mid march
• chocolates will be there in time for Easter.
• Parents can document on the form if its an Easter surprise
• Devry flowers for mothers day, Planters and baskets.
• Penny Carnival Date possibilities , need to be discussed soon.
• May 12th is the proposed date for the Penny Carnival.
Old Business:
Bike Racks – Still watching them
New Business:
• Penny Carnival
• Penny Carnival Meeting – March 1st 6:30
• No childcare , Volunteers welcome
Adjourn: 1st Bobbi/2nd Brenda