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Aspen Park Elementary




​​Welcome to Aspen Park Elementary School
Aspen is a ​7 Habits (The Leader in Me) School since 2009!   May 2016 is Habit 6:  Synergize​ (Assembly June 1st)

May continues to fly by.  We had a very successful fun fair on the 13th and the district track and field day on the 17th was also great.  Thank you so much to the parents who stepped up and helped out with the concession at the track.  We have not figured out the final tally but we will certainly have a healthy profit that will be directed right back in activities and support for Aspen students.  Thank you again PAC and parents for helping out. 

Please remember that there is no school Friday the 20th or Monday the 23rd.​   The big event coming up after that is BTSW from May 30 to June  3.  We are hoping that many students will bike to school that week (all week) and we hope that parents will support their child with active travel to and from school.  Please look at the attached alternate drop off sites for this week to reduce the number of cars at school.  We are asking for intermediate students to be dropped off on Aspen Road across from the field or behind the school on Murrelet Drive where the path goes right to the school.  AspenPark_Pamphlet_Parking_for_BTSW_May2016.pdf

We are very excited to be able to share that we have 40 registrations so far for Kindergarten September 2016.  This is great news and it shows that Aspen is a place where families want their children to attend.  We are being staffed for 12 divisions plus ENTER so one more than this year.  There will also be a Vice Principal because we are expecting to be about 320 students for September 2016. If you are looking for specific information about registration for next year, click this link​:  Registration_Info_for_Sept2016.pdf

School supply lists for September are here:  ASPEN_School_Supplies_2016_2017_Primary_and_Intermediate.pdf

Please contact me by email at the address below if you have any questions.  Please check out What's New at Aspen? for more information on what is going on at Aspen Park Elementary.

Charles Schilling, Principal
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