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Aspen Park Elementary





​​Welcome to Aspen Park Elementary School
Aspen is a ​7 Habits (The Leader in Me) School since 2009!   

Thank you everyone for another great year at Aspen.  One highlight was the substantial leadership from students in grades 6 and 7 this year but there were many more exciting opportunities for students like hockey, curling, cross country skiing, makerspace building, and, of course, 7 Habits in everything we do!

The school is now closed for the summer.  The school will reopen around August 21st, 2017.  New registrations to the school during the summer will be completed at the school board office which is 607 Cumberland Road, Courtenay (Phone 250-334-5500)

The first day of school for September 2017 is Tuesday September 5th from 8:45am to 11:45am.  After Tuesday the 5th, every day Mon-Fri is 8:45am to 2:30pm.  ​New Kindergarten students will be on gradual entry the first week of school.  A schedule will be mailed out to parents.  Grade 1s will be with a different teacher for September 2017 as we are not planning K/1 classes at this point.  Grade 2 to 5 will be in multi-age groups the first two days (Sept 5 and 6) working on 7 Habits.  Grade 6s and 7s will be doing leadership activities the first two days (Sept 5 and 6).  We are working for students to be in their new classes on Thursday September 7th.

If you are looking for a school supply list then click here: ASPEN_School_Supplies_2017_2018_Primary_and_Intermediate.pdf and you can purchase supplies online through Teacher's File by clicking here:  http://packs.teachersfile.ca/schools/4​​

If you have any questions, email the Principal at lisa.scheck@sd71.bc.ca

Have a restful and relaxing summer Everyone!

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