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Aspen Park Elementary
Professional Learning Community (PLC)


Welcome to our PLC Update Page

The purpose of this page is to give our community a sense of how our PLC time is going and what type of activities we have been engaged in during that time.

Spring 2016

We have split into primary and intermediate groups for PLC time.  The primary teachers are working on self regulation strategies as a continuation of work that was done last year.  The intermediates are working on how to make and give more leadership opportunities to students.

Fall 2015

We are working on portfolios as a whole-school PLC.  This has given us the opportunity to learn from each other and work towards consistency in our portfolios.  We have been worlking on how to efficiently enter student work in portfolios, how to include more student work and student voice in posts and how to get parents to be more engaged in their student's portfolio.

February 2015

We now have our writing continuum finished - Yeah!  We have posted one copy on the wall going down towards the music room.  I have posted some pictures on the "What's New" page.  Click here to go to What's New​

January 2015

We are very happy to tell you that our Writing Continuum is now finished.  We are just waiting now for the finished product to be returned from the printshop.  There will be a copy of the project posted along the long wall going down towards the music room for the Aspen community to preview.  We will let you know in our weekly message when the project is up for everyone to see!  

We are now spending some time during PLC days to work on how we will introduce the continuum to students and get them the knowledge they will need to work with it.

We have also come up with a plan for the next series of PLC days.  Intermediate teachers are getting together to further explore ePortfolios and primary teachers are working on social learning skills. 

November 2014

We just finished the final draft of the continuum and the work is now complete.  Our work is now with the printshop and we eagerly await the return of our project.  When it comes back to us, there will be a full copy that will be posted in the school hallway for everyone to see and there will be a copy for each classroom to use with their writing.

Attached at the bottom of the page is a sample to view.

We spent a few minutes at our last PLC brainstorming about future inquiry questions.  We are going to spend our next November meeting time working towards next steps for our PLC.

October 2014

Over the summer, the school administration built a database with information from our continuum.  We also took all the rought draft material of our writing continuum to the print shop to get moving towards a final product.  Attached at the bottom of this page is a B+W sample for our writing continuum.



Spring 2014

We have been working on a writing continuum for the last couple of months.  This has been a whole group activity.  We started with writing samples and worked to find what parts of the successful writing traits were included in each sample of work.  We have samples from Strong Start through Kindergarten through to Grade 7 and beyond to work with.  This means we have early drawings with no text all the way to advanced stories to work with!

We have been working to build a continuum that shows the writing sample and then underneath has coloured coded writing trait information and comments.  That is where we are at as of May 2014.


Fall 2013

We have started to work on a writing continuum for our school.  We collected samples of writing from the whole school in a "school wide write" activity.  The topic was "My best day ever!".

We have started to look at the samples from the perspective of the successful traits of writing.  Those traits are Ideas, Voice, Sentence Fluency, Organization, Word Choice and Conventions.​

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