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Brooklyn Elementary
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June news items and calendar updates

May 29, 2019

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News items & Calendar updates:

Go By Bike

September planning

  • We are full!  More full for September than today
  • If you are leaving Brooklyn, please advise the office
  • Class placements – Teachers and staff spend a huge amount of time building prospective classes for next year that consider friendships, learning needs and are as balanced as possible.  if you have suggestions to consider (important friend (1), learning considerations …) You are invited to write a confidential note to erica.black@sd71.bc.ca or drop off in office. Do not request teachers / anti-request teachers and we will do our best to act upon your request.
  • School supplies – you have two options to choose from
    • School supply list where you can reuse / purchase from wherever you wish
    • Teacher's File order where your kit shows up to your child's class, ready to go in September


Technology support request / parent session offer

  • For the past couple years, we have noticed an increase in personal technology students have access to and a decrease in hours of sleep / rest at night.
  • There is a place for personal technology at school, but ONLY upon teacher request.  Otherwise, please keep at home.  It is not permitted at all during recess / lunch as no one is supervising use.
  • We encourage you to take time this summer to come up with a family technology plan which might include screen time limitations, phones / devices not stored in bedrooms, reviewing of which apps you are comfortable with your child using, and establishing a regular social media check in time / process to guide your child to safe on line behaviour.  Have conversations about how your child's online presence (what they post, what they "like"…) reflects how others will see them.
  • Here are some new apps that are currently making it very easy for our young people to be horrible to each other…use this as FYI, only – this is a short list of many that are out there – hopefully you are aware of which apps your young people use.
  • https://protectyoungeyes.com/content/tellonym-app-safe-for-teens-definite-guide-for-parents/




  • Brooklyn will be hosting an information/discussion parent night, specifically geared for the parents of grade 4 - 7 Brooklyn children (other Brooklyn parents welcome, too).  If your child has access to a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer either at home or when at a friend's house, this opportunity will likely be for you.  Mrs. Tara Ryan, our school counsellor, will walk you through a brief presentation which she has made available to several of our classes, share with you some of the trends that are going on throughout the district in elementary and high school, and facilitate discussion around keeping our kids safe in the digital age.

Date: June 10 from 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Refreshments and childcare provided.

PRE REGISTRATION - free but required by sending email to Candace.pisto@sd71.bc.ca


  • When all else fails, encourage outside time and face to face time with others 😊

Measles vaccine campaign

  • Ministry of Health mandated MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine campaign for school-aged children (K-grade 4).  Please see the attached letter regarding the consent forms that will be dropped off at the school for children who are not up to date for their vaccines – if parents choose, they can book an appointment to have vaccines administered at the health unit.  Our public health nurse (Jessie Shannon) will deliver consent forms to the school (for children in K-gr. 4 – then the parent can choose if they want to have their child's vaccines updated.  If a student's vaccines are up to date, they will just receive a copy of their vaccine history, which the parent can retain and submit to the school in the fall, if needed.  We now need to collect immunization records, starting this September.

Parent Appreciation Event

  • You are appreciated!  You are invited.  We are going to try something different this year.  Please join us anytime after 1pm on Friday, June 14.  We are holding a student-run fun day in the afternoon, so our staff will have time to chat with you and offer you thanks for the fantastic ways you have supported our school and our children this year.  Grab a cup of lemonade and a plate of treats, and come on outside to "not volunteer" but instead to chat with other adults and watch the children having a fun-filled afternoon.

Calendar updates:

*** many class trips planned too.  Your teacher will let you know about any class specific trips.

  • June 5 - WTK (welcome to kindergarten) – activity session for parents and new Kindergarten students to Brooklyn in September 3:00 – 4:00 pm.  RSVP to candace.pisto@sd71.bc.ca
  • June 6 – Fun Fair 5:00 – 7:30 – come out for lots of family fun!
  • June 10 – parent presentation on youth and technology 6:30 – 8pm at Brooklyn
  • June 13 – gr 6 immunization (am)
  • June 14 – Fun Day 1:00 – 2:30 pm
  • June 14 – Parent Appreciation event – 1:00 – 2:30pm
  • June 18 – School Wide Beach Day @ Goose Spit – 9 – 2pm
  • June 18 – Highland Open House for incoming grade 8 students 6:30 pm @ Highland
  • June 20 – Oscars Assembly (funny awards with formal attire) 9am
  • June 21 – Indigenous People's Day – assembly likely
  • June 27 – last day of classes, Summaries of Learning home
  • June 27 – Final Assembly, gr 7 farewell & major awards 9:00am
  • June 28 - Have a great summer!!
  • Sept 3 – first day back! 😊​