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Tech Tips for summer fun

June 30, 2018

​(via our district lead tech teacher) - some of the pics / links did not copy over well - follow her prompts if you wish more info

I suppose the best summer tech tip would be to turn your tech off and take a break but there are some great uses for your devices over the holidays!  Here some useful apps and websites to help guide your summer fun!


1.  Gas Buddy:



When you are travelling and aren't near a Costco, Gas Buddy is a great app to use to find the cheapest gas station in your area. Click here to download it for Apple devices or here for Android.  


2. Kids Screen Time: 

Common Sense Education.png


Our kids are going to want to use their devices this summer too and it is recommended that we limit their screen time (and probably our own-I know I need to reduce mine).  For advice on this and any other parenting advice to do with tech, I rely on Common Sense Media. Here you can find movie reviews, book reviews and app reviews, what ages they are appropriate for and you can find all sorts of advice about tech related issues with children and teens. Today's topic is "Parent's Ultimate Guide to Snapchat". I also really recommend signing up for their newsletter. Click here to check out Common sense Media


Teachers notice the For Educators link at the top. This site is a gold mine for tech lesson ideas and help with teaching Digital Citizenship.


3.  BC Parks Discover Camping:



If you are planning to book a campsite over the summer, you probably have already done so.  This website makes pre-booking all your BC campsite reservations quick and easy.  


4.  Pic Collage:


If you're like me, you will be taking lots of pictures this summer.  A fun way to print them out is to make them into a pic collage.  I know a lot of teachers also use this app to make collages of pictures for their student's portfolios. I use this to make cards for people too-they are easy to email when you need one at the last minute. Click here for android  or here for IOS.


5.  Trailforks:


I know I featured this app last summer but I still love it! Use Trailforks to find trails near you. They are also rated by difficulty level.  Click here for android  or here for IOS.


6.  Geocaching:


This is another past Tech Tip but I couldn't resist. My family loves Geocaching and we have found that you can pretty much geocache anywhere!   Geocaches are treasures cleverly hidden all around the world. You use the GPS on your phone to find them ! The way they work is that you bring a treasure with you (very small-dollar store items are perfect) and when you find one, you sign your name in the log book and write where you are from, take a treasure and leave one for someone else to find.  Click here to download the app for Apple  or here to download the app for Android.

Have a super summer! ​