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December 04, 2018

​(sent by email 12.04.18)

Hello families, 

Here we are – 13 days left of school before the holiday and time will fly.  Here are a few news items to keep you informed.



  • Parking lot is still causing concerns.  Please ensure that traffic flows off Guthrie Road promptly so cars are not stuck in progress.  Pull into a parking space or make another lap around if needed.  Avoid stopping in the driveway.  Avoid the Stop, Drop and Go space, aside from doing just that. 
  • Remember that we have bike lanes on Guthrie for our biker safety.  These are not parking spaces.  Please help our cycling families and students to safely use these by not parking in them. 
  • Darker mornings require safety eyes, especially at the Ridgemount crosswalk across Guthrie.  Cyclists, get off and walk your bike across the road, and pedestrians, stay within the sidewalk. 


  • ​Celebrate Christmas Spirit with us!  Upcoming theme days: 
  • Dec 7 – holiday hat day (santa hat, elf hat, toque...) 
  • Dec 13 – holiday sweater (or anything Christmassy) 
  • Dec 17 – holiday hat day 
  • Dec 18 – holiday hat day 
  • Dec 19 – red / green day 
  • Dec 20 – anything Christmassy day 
  • Dec 21 – PJ Day 
  • Hamper Drive – each classroom is collecting for a hamper.  a food item and a toonie are due into your class hamper by 9am on Wed., Dec 12. 
  • EDAS (Everybody Deserves a Smile) - we had many classes participate in baking cookies today, and tomorrow more will decorate or design cards or bags for them to go into.  Brooklyn will help 500 people enjoy the holiday season a little bit more knowing people were thinking about them. 
  • Concert – all classes know their costume needs.  We will set up the stage Friday afternoon and do rehearsals and practice Mon & Tues.  Concert is Wed, Dec 12 at 1pm or 6pm.  Seating will be limited due to an enlarged stage and instruments this year, so please spread your guests out between shows.  Admission by donation to the food bank (canned, dried food or cash donation) 
  • Salad Bar – first day was a success!!!  Thurs will offer a free day to gr 3, 4, & 5.  Fri will be for Kindergarten, gr 1 & 2. 
  • Winter Hot lunch ordering will be available soon – salad bar will be an option ($3.00) on Tues – check carefully – 1 week is for intermediate, next week is for Primary.  We are splitting weeks until we can find out the demand on our fantastic volunteers.  General Hot lunch will move to Thursdays for the Winter series.  Be sure to make a note of this change. 
  • Cold weather – our furnace is receiving some servicing right now so the school (and outside) has been cold. It is warm jacket and sweater season.  Many kids are hiding inside at break time which causes a supervision problem.  Please ensure they will be warm outside. 
  • Lunch check in – now is a good time to check in with your children about lunch since we are seeing more coming to the office looking for more food after their lunch and snack is gone. Maybe the cold brings on an increased appetite 🙂 
  • MDI – Middle Years Development Instrument.  Parents of gr 4 & 7, please read the attached letter.  All students will complete this survey in the new year.  Talk to your teacher or Mrs. Black in the office if you have any questions.  A great way to learn about student health and well-being. 
  • If you are seeking a cross-boundary permit to attend a school outside your catchment for September, the process will open up in January.  The process information is posted to our school webpage, if this is relevant to you.
  • Cookie Dough orders will arrive to Brooklyn on Dec 19.

Help requested: 

  • We had many workers in the building today fixing the furnace and a classroom door upstairs.  The locksmith had an important tool disappear mid-job – a long, thin tool with a couple key rings on it and a sharp edge at the tip.  We are hopefully it will turn up, and If this tool accidentally ended up in your child’s possession, please return to the school as it could cause a lot of damage and is valuable to the locksmith.  Thank you! 


As always, please keep in touch with your teacher if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s learning or well-being at school. 


Have a great week! ​