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Brooklyn Elementary
Brooklyn Staff & Classes
​​​​​Staff members can be reached via email using first name.last name @sd71.bc.ca

Brooklyn Elementary Staff


Principal: Mrs. Erica Black          erica.black@sd71.bc.ca 

Vice-Principal:  Ms. Lucinda Wolters        lucinda.wolters@sd71.bc.ca

Office Staff: (and whereabouts contact)

Administrative Assistant: Ms. Candace Pisto        candace.pisto@sd71.bc.ca

2017-2018 Staff:

​Staff member name​assignment​div #​​website​

​​Mrs. Andrea Cochrane
​Mrs. Gail Robertson
​Kindergarten / Gr. 1​2
​Mrs. Sharon Guignard / Mrs. Lindsey Tobacca
​Gr. 1 / 2​3
​Ms. Meryl Irwin​Gr. 1 / 2​4
​Mrs. Heather Perich / Mr. Marty Cox​Gr. 2​5
​​Mrs. Marcia Green​Gr. 3​6
​Ms. Lucinda Wolters / Mr. Martin Cox
​Gr. 3​7
​Ms. Caroline Parrish 
​Gr. 4​8
Ms. Kathryn (Katie) Ney​Gr. 49​​  
​Mr. Paul Otto​Gr. 5​10​     Mr Otto's Class Information and Homework​
​Mrs. Sarah Heselgrave / Mrs. Tiffany Edwards​Gr. 5 11​
Mrs. Val Roberts / ​Mrs. Jacqui Devine​Gr. 6​12Div 12 class page​
​Mr. Toby Beck​Gr. 6​13
​Ms. Nicole DeLuca​Gr. ​​7​14
​Mrs. Jaki Braidwood / Mr. Daniel Ackerman​Gr. 7​15
​Ms. Cindy Blackmore​Learning Support teacher
​Mrs. Michelle Marcuzzi​Learning Support teacher
​Ms. Lucy Nelson​music teacher
​Mrs. Krista Manson​Speech & Language Pathologist
​Mrs. Tara Ryan​counselor
​Ms. Tonya Lowe​teacher librarian
​Ms. Sherrie Fudikof ​library clerk
​Ms. Cheryl Graham​Indigenous Support worker (ISW)
​Mrs. Greta Moran​Education Assistant
​Mrs. Barbara McInnis​Education Assistant
​Mr. Tim Davies​Education Assistant
​Ms. Iris Wallin​Education Assistant
​Mrs. Evelyn Bally​Education Assistant
​Ms. Brenda Bombini​​Education Assistant (beh)
​Ms. Lisa Beks​custodian
​Mr. Steve Woodley​custodian
​Ms. Meghan Hunt​StrongStartStrongStart website
​Ann Milligan​Boys and Girls Club
​Jessie Shannon​Public Health Nurse​250-331-8580jessica.shannon@viha.ca