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Letter to Parents Re: West Courtenay Configuration

March 06, 2018



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March 6, 2018



The Comox Valley student population is growing and with that comes a tightening of available space in our schools. With an increase in enrolment, space issues continue to impact West Courtenay Elementary schools.


In May 2017, the Board of Education passed a resolution that involved moving Grade 6 students from Arden Elementary, Courtenay Elementary and Ecole Puntledge Park (English) Elementary to Lake Trail School.


For the 2017/18 school year, Lake Trail began to serve Grades 6 through 9. The Board recognized at the time of their decision that this move could be in effect for one or two subsequent school years as it worked on the Long Range Facilities Plan.


At the public Board meeting held February 27, 2018, a motion passed to continue with the Grade 6 configuration at Lake Trail School. This space adjustment solution addresses many factors including the reinstatement of class size and composition made by the Supreme Court of Canada ruling, projected student population growth, and a shift in location of where families are settling that sees a larger draw
to the West side of Courtenay. 


School administrators have worked with students, staff and school communities over the school calendar year to implement the changes made to the new grade configuration. Although not perfect, the changes have been implemented very well and the educational needs of the students continue to be met with positive results.


The decision allows the district to provide consistency in the West Courtenay attendance areas for the next two school years – 2018/19 and 2019/20.


School administrators will work with families of those students who will enter into Grade 6 in the next year to two years to ensure a smooth transition and that concerns and questions are addressed.


We understand there may be hesitancy or concern, so we encourage families to contact their neighbourhood school or the School Board Office if there are questions or if more information is needed. Our goal is to ensure that a smooth transition for students continues over the next two school years as it had for the 2017/18 school year.