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Counsellor's Corner Newsletter

April 09, 2019

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Counsellor's Corner


Tara Ryan, B.Ed. M.Ed. (and Sam)

District Outreach Counsellor



A brief and virtual “hello" to each of you!  I truly hope you are all well during this time of re-invention!


I've been so inspired to see how hard all of your teachers are working to create and re-create education for the children of the Comox Valley!  I've spent this week connecting with many of you and the theme of all of this seems to be “anxiety".  In many cases, anxiety seems to be tackling us parents more than our children.


To that end, I thought that I would take this opportunity to share the following:


  • Slow down!  You do not have to finish this year's curriculum or morph from mom/dad to teacher!
  • Your child will move to the next grade and we will pick up where we left off when the time comes to re-engage.
  • You may feel very alone right now but you are not! The entire planet is moving through this together.
  • The primary thing I encourage you to preserve and focus on during this time is your family and your relationship with your children.  Every teacher and administrator I have spoken with is echoing this sentiment!  Taking on the job of being your child's teacher presents a dual role that can prove to be very frustrating and discouraging.  Resources and ideas are coming!
  • Routine can be a life-saver in this case, but it doesn't have to be the same routine that you are all used to.  I suggest trying to build in the following throughout the day; each of these are educational in their own way!  If you can do them together, all the better!  If your kids are resistant to joining in, I find a currency system sometimes helps (e.g. each item is “worth" a certain amount of Monopoly money.  They can then use their earned Monopoly money to purchase screen time or other preferred activity.) 

    • Outside chore – 20 min. (still need your leaves raked, fence stained, driveway swept, car washed?)
    • Outside play – as long as you like!
    • Inside chore (get help having your cupboards wiped out and organized, etc.)
    • Reading time – can be comics, newspaper, books
    • Kitchen time – one item in the supper meal gets made together (dessert, salad, main course).  We are often way too rushed to make a meal together.  If you can, take this opportunity to teach your child to peel potatoes, make a pie crust…whatever!  There is a lot of math and reading involved in kitchen work!
    • Alone time – everyone gets a quiet “down time" in their bedroom for a reset – this can be great for preserving relationships
    • Play time – try to fit in a card game, puzzle, etc. together.  If you can't join in, teach your kids solitaire!
    • Eat at the table together

  • If you can even get some of the above list done, pat yourselves on the back!  We're all in this together and the goal is to come out the other side of this stronger and more connected than ever!
  • Know that you are doing enough!  There are no rules for this because we've never experienced it before, so we are all creating it as we move through.  Reach out if you need help!  Your teachers and counsellors really do care about you and are wanting to communicate!  Let us know how we can help.
  • Finally, I'm attaching a little piece of artwork that I found very inspiring and encouraging as we move through these times.



Be well, families!


Tara  (and Sam)

Tara Ryan, B.Ed., M.Ed. (Counselling Psychology)

Brooklyn Elementary & District Outreach Counsellor




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