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Welcome to Kindergarten June 10th

May 28, 2020

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​May 28, 2020

Dear Parents of new Kindergarten students for the school year 2020-21;

Kindergarten is an exciting year for both parents and students, and the staff at Courtenay Elementary are really looking forward to meeting all our new students. We are very disappointed that we cannot hold our Welcome to Kindergarten event. However, we do want to meet you and your children so in lieu of our traditional WTK event, we have planned an initial alternate event on June 10th. We are also creating a few videos to introduce you to the school and the staff which we will send another time.

On June 10th we would like to invite all families to meet us for a short visit, in our community garden. When you come to the school, we will greet you and give you the wonderful Welcome To Kindergarten bag that we have put together. The bag is full of goodies and information. We would also like to take a photo of your Kindergarten student so teachers can put a face to a name.

Included in your WTK goodie bag is some information about next year, some books to read with your child, some craft supplies, and a school addressed envelope. In the envelope is a piece of paper for your child to create a self portrait. Once your child completes the self portrait please use the envelope and mail it back to us. Your child's drawing will be collected and used to decorate the classrooms to create a welcoming community space.

We will need a schedule for your visit on June 10th, so we've worked out a very simple schedule.

9-9:30 am - any student with a last name that begins with A,B,C,D or E.

9:30 to 10 am - any student with a last name that begins with F,G, or H.

10:30 to 11 am - any student with a last name that begins with J, K, L, M, N or O.

11 am to 11:30- any student with a last name that begins with P, R, S , T, or W.




Parents are the first teacher and are the link between school and home. This is extremely important to us. We also understand that it is very important for your child to feel safe and to be comfortable coming to school. We want to do everything possible to help with this. If there is anything we need to know about your child before they start school, please let us know.

Next fall, the Kindergarten teachers will be asking you for $25 to buy supplies for your K student. Students will not need to bring anything to school except a pair of inside shoes. The teachers will take care of all school supplies.

We are excited to have our new Kindergarten students join us. If you have any questions, please contact the school at 250-338-5396.



Catherine Manson

Catherine Manson

Principal, Courtenay Elementary


WTK parent letter.pdf