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Information on Communicating Student Learning

November 03, 2017


School District 71 parents and guardians:


A new curriculum with enhanced, innovative methods of teaching was rolled out by School District #71 (SD71) in 2015 in response to BC's New Curriculum (detailed information can be found at



As the curriculum changes, so must the assessment and reporting of student progress. As such, we needed to develop new ways to effectively communicate student learning.   The goal of reporting and communicating student learning (CSL) is to ensure that our parents/guardians are well informed about student progress.


Districts throughout British Columbia have explored a variety of student reporting practices and tools to improve communication with parents and guardians. This has resulted in a variety of practices and procedures as each district personalizes practices to reflect their local communities. For example, in our district, some of our teachers are communicating on an ongoing manner using 'portfolios' while other teachers are reporting in ways more associated with formal reports and scheduled reporting times.


At present, each classroom teacher has the option of using either portfolios (paper or electronic) or term-based report cards as formal communication. The documents and draft policies are available at   We encourage you to visit the site and familiarize yourself with them. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact your school for more information.


For the past four years, SD71 teachers and administrators have been working diligently to formulate a policy on CSL, a direction that has been mandated by the BC Ministry of Education (Ministerial Order 191/94, The Student Progress Report Order).  Recently, SD71 principals and teachers held a consultation session in which one to two parents of each elementary school (and Lake Trail and Cumberland) were invited to participate in a process of examining how CSL is practiced throughout the district and to gather parental feedback.  We are now at the point where we are ready to seek greater feedback from parents and guardians throughout the district by way of a survey.


We encourage you to take part in the survey, available at this link quick survey available here . The survey takes approximately five minutes to complete and is available online until November 24.  All feedback will be considered by our CSL committee before a final version of our policy is brought to the Board of Education for their approval. Results of the survey and the final policy will be shared with the public in early December.


The survey is one important way we strive to engage the community in public education. Providing an opportunity to participate in this survey allows SD71 to continue to foster openness and transparency in education and offer opportunities for parents /guardians to take a leadership role in your children's education. Our kids matter and everyone in the community contributes to a child's education success.


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