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Cumberland Community School
A Community Learning Campus
Principal's Message

I am pleased to report that Cumberland Community School is now entering its fifth full year as an innovative Strongstart-Grade 9 Learning Campus, and that the unique model and approach that we bring to education here at Cumberland has resulted in progress and improvement for our students.    

During the 2017-2018 school year, our Cumberland teaching staff was committed to improving the nature focus of our entire school.   This work has continued into this year, as we have entered exciting partnerships with the Comox Valley Fish and Game Club and the Cumberland Lake Wilderness Society.  We at Cumberland view nature place-based learning as a vital component of improving the social and emotional well-being of all our students, which continues to be one of our targeted areas of school growth.  Consultation and dialogue with our stakeholder groups near the end of the 2017-2018 school year helped us determine our other staff learning focus for the 2018-19 school year, that being to improve student mindsets, and our teaching pedagogy around the subject of numeracy. As we move into year three of the new curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 9 (, we continue to analyze and improve our practice around teaching and reporting. These improvements are designed to better prepare our children for a rapidly changing world.

Our school continues to grow as our feeder communities grow; this year we have reached a new high of 22 divisions, serving over 500 students.  At the school level we will continue to offer electives to our grade 6-9 students, and we will keep student choice alive on Wednesday mornings with our grade 6-9 exploratory classes.

Now five years into our development as a three-building, nine-grade learning campus, I can confidently claim that Cumberland Community School has developed, and continues to develop, an identity that is uniquely our own.  In addition to the excellent school staff and programs that make our school a community of learners, a key component of our school identity continues to be the excellent and often unheralded work of the Cumberland Community Schools Society, who, among other things, provide countless after school programs/opportunities for our students, and provide more than 200 students a day with hot lunches.  We also greatly appreciate the exceptional volunteer support that our school receives from our active and passionate Parent Advisory Council.

Cumberland Community School has come a long way since its inception five years ago.  Challenges will arise as we continue to move forward, but we feel confident that we have the staff and community support that we need in order to continue to improve the educational experiences that our students receive.


Tracey Croonen


Cumberland Community School​​