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Cumberland Community School
A Community Learning Campus
Principal's Message

​​​The community of Cumberland is in the midst of a very exciting adventure in education as Cumberland Community School continues its' journey towards becoming an innovative Strongstart-Grade 9 Community Learning Campus.

Listening to the feedback through the visioning progress over the last five​ years, we are excited to be expanding our outdoor, nature based educational offerrings. This includes not only continuing our Nature Kindergarten and Grade 1 programs, but adding a grade 2 Cohort. Our Cumberland teaching staff has also committed to incorporating nature into all classes and we look forward to the day in the near future when there is no need for a nature cohort. Our other staff learning focus for the year is the social/emotional well-being of students, we look forward to putting the pieces in place to better understand and support our students. This year also marks the second year of a new curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 9. Please check out some of these changes: https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/curriculum-updates. The changes are designed to better prepare your children for a rapidly changing world.

We are starting to settle into some of the major physical/structural changes over the last five years and are embracing the growth of the community with three new divisions.  Our Strongstart classroom has also relocated to the old elementary library area of the Strathcona building to make it more accessible to parents and their young children.

School District 71 has also gone back to a traditional timetable of  a 8:55am start and 2:40 dismissal Monday-Friday. At the school level we will continue to offer electives to grades 6-9, but grade 6/7s will go through a manditory rotation to expose them to all the different curricular areas. We will keep student choice alive on Wednesday afternoons with our grade 6-9 exploratory classes.

There is a lot still to be done and lots of important questions about what this means for kids, parents, teachers and the community. Over the next year there will be further exciting opportunities to be part of shaping the character of our school community. ​Please join our Parent Advisory Group or the Cumberland Community School Society and be part of this important work.


​Dave Mayert and Tracey Croonen

Principals Cumberland Community School