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Cumberland Community School
A Community Learning Campus
CCS Leadership Program

15327321_635024060002801_1695893811174697858_n.jpg​​​​​​​Good leadership is critical to a successful school. Through a committed leadership program we strive to develop students that are successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens who contribute to our community and society. We want to see students that are able to reflect, inquire, self-evaluate and become team players which will lead them to becoming successful leaders. By providing a variety of leadership opportunities, the students can expand and develop their skills and leadership style. We will explore what leadership is, what makes a good leader, and how to lead effectively in a variety of situations within our school and community. while undertaking this learning students will plan, implement, and evaluate activities and events of their choosing. We want students to "live leadership" by participating in and supporting initiatives whenever possible and by actively working to make Cumberland community School an inclusive, fun, welcoming and inspiring place to be.

During this year long program students will be involved in a variety of activities. These include:

WeDay in Vancouver at GM Place: 

  • ​This event combines the energy of a live concert with the inspiration of incredible stories of leadership and change. you cannot buy a ticket to this event, you have to earn it through service. Each year we report our contributions to our school, our community, and globally in hope of earning tickets to the event.

School Dances

  • Students choose a theme, plan, run and clean-up the dances. these dances are run 4 times a year for grade 6-9 students. They also organize and run family dances for the whole school. Family dances encourage students to bring their parents for a dance and dinner community building event. These occur up to 3 times a yaer.


  • ​Throughout the year students organize and run a daily concession. In the concession they are responsible for selling healthy food items to students in the school at lunch daily. the students are involved with ordering, selling and working together to run this business enterprise. All leadership students have weekly shifts throughout the year.


  • The students do fundraisers throughout the year to raise money to give back to the school and community. Each year starts with the Terry Fox and Tour de Rock fundraisers, where the school community is encouraged to raise money to support cancer research. They make posters, go to classes to talk to all the students in the school about the importance of raising money for this cause and organize a run for the whole school to get involved in. 

Everybody Deserves a Smile (EDAS)

  • ​​​In November and December the students are engaged in a huge giving project called Everybody deserves a Smile. EDAS is a not for profit organization that gives out thousands of care packages to the homeless at christmas time. We embark on a ten week curriculum program with Chantel Stefan, the founder of EDAS. During this 10 weeks the students cover topics of kindness, giving, homelessness, respect for others, leadership and teamwork. The students then team with EDAS to create displays, solicit donations, make posters, talk to classes, bake cookies, paint bags, make cards, and fill packages before delivering them to the homeless. This has become a schoolwide initiative.

Fun Fair

  • Every November the leadership students organize a fun fair to raise funds for the school. During this event the students organize and monitor each station and the concession. The leadership students enlist other students to help out, as it is a huge event that requires many students to run all the stations. This is a student run event that that brings in families from Cumberland, Royston and the surrounding communities.

Winter Luncheon

  • One of the largest events we are a part of is the annual winter luncheon the day before the winter holiday break. All 550 staff, students and guests come together in the gym and experience a full turkey dinner. the leadership group helps parents and volunteers cook in the kitchen and decorate the gym with festive colours and beautiful table settings. This event is wonderful way to get the whole school community together to celebrate the winter holiday.

Team and Leadership Skill Building

  • Students embark on two team building excursions during the year. The first is the annual Vancouver Island university Student Leadership Conference held in Nanaimo. the second is an team building experience at the Vancouver Island Mountain Centre located at Mount Washington. The students stay overnight at the centre and take part in numerous outdoor learning and teamwork building activities.

Cumberland Lodge

  • On T​hursdays throughout the year the leadership students volunteer their time at cumberland Lodge. Here they visit the elderly residents in the home and take part in various activities with them. the students learn compassion, understanding, and the ability to support others. the lodge residents light up when the leadership students enter the building.

Classroom Volunteers

  • ​​Throughout the year leadership students help in other classrooms, both assisting teachers and helping younger students with their learning.

Leadership is a diverse course with many opportunities for the students. In additiona to the programmed activities listed, students spend a month each year creating their own projects to help others.