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Denman Island Community School
School Goals

Framework for Enhanced Student Learning

Denman Island Community School 2017-2018

Introduction: The purpose of this document is to provide a starting point for discussions for staff, parents and students about our focus area for the 2017-2018 school year. This process is part of the district FESL (Framework for Enhanced Learning).

As the year progresses we will engage in ongoing conversations with teachers, parents and students. Updates will be provided and as the year draws to a close reassessment and plans for the following school year will unfold.

Development Process: We have had two conversations with staff and during our second staff meeting, which included our new staff member, we looked at our initial set of goals and examined the origin of some of the issues that arose. It was determined by examining our school based team information, observation and anecdotal notes that challenges some students were experiencing with achievement were rooted in stress and anxiety.

Parents identified areas such as health, fitness and the arts as priorities, these activities are an important part of our school program and will continue to be integral parts of the Denman Island Community School.

School Mission: Love where we learn.

Value Statement:

Our vision is to have a vibrant, creative and exciting school that students want to attend and parents want to be a part of, a school that reflects and contributes to this amazing place we live in. Staff at our school will be deeply engaged in their work, excited about trying new things, willing to collaborate extensively with parents and community members, engaged in life-long learning, and connected to the community in meaningful ways. (ref. Vision Document, May 2011)

School Context:  Denman Island Community School is situated in beautiful "downtown Denman Island" amidst the fields and trees. After years of declining enrolment, our small, rural school has begun to grow with a population of 50 students. Individuals who choose to raise their families on the gulf islands have a commitment to the environment, healthy food from their garden, or one of the many organic gardeners on the island, fresh air, exercise and spending time with family and friends in our beautiful environment. Our status as a Community School provides activities for students after school, supports curriculum in the day program and supports families by providing adult programs, the Food Bank, and a computer access center.

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