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Glacier View Secondary
Glacier View Secondary Centre houses 3 distinct alternate educational programs for School District #71 students in grades 7-12. Each classroom has an open-learning environment with vaulted ceilings, bright windows in modern, computer equipped classrooms. Each program also has access to a newly renovated kitchen area, gymnasium and fitness centre. Glacier View has a dedicated staff of 13 that includes:
  • Teachers​
  • Educatio​nal Assistants
  • Counsellor
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Work Experience Coordinator
  • Youth & Family Program Worker
  • Administration

In addition to our internal staff, Glacier View receives tremendous support from outside agencies such as MCFD (Ministry of Child and Family Development), John Howard Society, RCMP and VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority).

The majority of academic instruction at Glacier View focuses on the core academics of Math, English, Science and Social Studies, however additional opportunities exist for PE, Career-Life Education, Biology 11, Psychology 11 & 12, Geography 12, Family Studies 12, Law 12, Earth Science 11, BC 1st Nations 12 and IDS courses (Independent Directed Studies).

Referral to Glacier View from mainstream secondary schools begins with a recommendation from school administration & counseling teams. A Transfer Request form provides detailed information about incoming students which is reviewed prior to an Intake Meeting between Glacier View administration, the student and the parent/guardian. A successful meeting results in a new placement at Glacier View usually within 1 or 2 days.

What Glacier View Offers to Our Students

  • Spacious, bright, open-plan classrooms with group and individual work stations.
  • Educational instruction Monday – Friday.
  • Fewer students per class than in a traditional classroom environment.
  • A low student/teacher ratio allowing for more direct teacher assistance.
  • Part time schedules that fit a student’s personal needs.
  • The possibility to work at a part time job while still attending school.
  • Work Experience (hyperlink) opportunities, IDS courses and Dogwood Graduation diplomas compliment the core academic offerings.
  • Self-paced courses allow students to progress at a rate that is right for them.
  • A respectful, caring and supportive ‘family’ school environment.

What We Expect from Our Students

RESPECT – our #1 rule:

Students respect each other and are accepting of all the unique differences that make us who we are.

  • Students respect our staff and our staff will respect our students.
  • Respect for our school means no vandalism or tagging – our students take care of Glacier View!
  • Most of all students must respect themselves!! This means students have good attendance records, come to school to work each day free of drugs & alcohol and ensure they get the nutrition and the rest they need.

* Any student who fights, bullies, or is verbally abusive to another individual is not welcome at Glacier View.

Attendance is key to an individual’s success at Glacier View. Each and every day out our staff will work long hours, they’ll ‘bend and flex’ in the best interest of students and will open many doors and provide valuable opportunities for our students but they can only do this as long as our students come through our door each and every day. If you attend each day, we will work hard for you to help you be successful!!​​