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Georges P. Vanier Secondary

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Principal's Message - Monday, October 5, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians of Vanier Students,

I had time travelling to Vancouver yesterday to reflect on how amazing our school truly is.  There are truly no measurements that can assess the degree to which Vanier students demonstrate success each and every day.  The essence of the success is the compassion and empathy that is a daily occurrence.  What sparked my reflection was the third Terry Fox Walk/Run that happened late last week.  In trying to share the assembly and the stories and the videos and the sense of respectful celebration, I found that I was unable to encapsulate how this planned event is seen throughout the school everyday.  One of my biggest challenges as we start our renovation and enter into our second 50 years of existence is to capture, honour, and retain whatever it is that creates this compassion and empathy.  Your voice and opinion are always appreciated so please feel free to connect with me on any matter of the school's operations.​


Darren Freeman