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Georges P. Vanier Secondary
Counselling Department

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Vanier has three counsellors at the school. Each counsellor is responsible for a section of the alphabet as listed below.


Student Last names A to G:              Mrs. Stephanie Morris          stephanie.morris@sd71.bc.ca​

Student Last names H to N:              Ms. Karla Lasota         karla.lasota@sd71.bc.ca

Student Last names O to Z (ISP)​:     Ms. Heather Riedle     heather.riedle@sd71.bc.ca​

Mrs. Holly Stowell is our Youth and Family Support Worker. She can be reached at holly.stowell@sd71.bc.ca​

Ms. Michelle Hicker is the Administrative Assistant in the Counselling office and can be reached at michelle.hicker@sd71.bc.ca​, or (250) 338-9262 ext. 222. 

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