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Georges P. Vanier Secondary
Course Content

​Biology 11

Biology 11 examines a wide variety of organisms with respect to the following themes: Unity and Diversity, Evolution and Ecological Relationships. 
The major areas covered in this course include: taxonomy; DNA and evolution; microbiology (bacteria and viruses); plant biology (moss and ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms; animal biology (examining the complexity of the major Phyla of animals); and, ecology.

Pre-Calculus 11

This course is designed to provide students with the mathematical understandings and critical thinking skills identified for post-secondary studies in programs like Mathematics, Science, Arts or Humanities.
Topics include: absolute value, radical and rational equations, polynomial factoring, quadratic equations and inequalities, reciprocal functions, trigonometric ratios, sine and cosine laws, sequences and series (arithmetic/geometric). There will also be several hands-on projects and activities to help enhance student understanding of these topics.

English 11

Designed to inspire a deeper examination of language and literature, this course will help students develop a greater understanding of our place in the natural world as well as be introduced to other cultural viewpoints.
Units to be covered include: writing – paragraph development; journaling; peer editing; novel/literature studies using Lord of the Flies (Golding) and Julius Caesar (Shakespeare); short stories – to develop reading comprehension, written responses and critical thinking; and poetry – emphasizing form, theme and literary devices.

Outdoor Education 11

This course will work in conjunction with the Outdoor Pursuits of Physical Education 11 to prepare students for positive experiences in the outdoors. The well-prepared outdoor enthusiast is better able to cope with unpleasant situations that can occur in the outdoors.
Outdoor Education 11 will cover the following topics: camp comfort; camp food; navigation; survival; trip preparation; teamwork; journaling.

PE 11 Outdoor Pursuits

In addition to various games and physical activities, community hours have always been an important aspect of the Physical Education program at G.P. Vanier. As such students are expected to participate in a certain amount of volunteerism.
PE 11 Outdoor Pursuits – 10 hours of community work are expected which must be completed during the 5 months of the course (this is the same for all PE 11/12 courses)
Outdoor Recreation 11 – 20 hours of community work are expected. 10 hours must be Explore related and only Explore-related hours are accepted from first semester. All Explore students are expected to participate in the running of the Garage Sale in the first weekend of May.