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Georges P. Vanier Secondary

What is a Hockey Skills Program?
A course specially developed to help the student athletes to excel both athletically and academically
Students partake in two or three on-ice skill development practices per week, as well as daily off-ice conditioning sessions
Students receive graduation credits for working on their game, during school hours

Who is it for?
Male and female students in grades 9 through 12
Competitive or recreational, beginner or advanced players
Students focused on individual skill development
Athletes who want more time on task (skill development) 
Players committed to being the best they can be
Players striving to obtain college scholarships or play junior hockey

Benefits for student athletes
Increased opportunity for developing creative skills and confidence in hockey skills 
Over 50 hours of on-ice instruction, 2 or 3 slots per week, during school hours 
Late bloomers, late starters and late-maturing players experience tremendous skill gains 
Students are assessed using standardized Hockey Canada skill tests
Strength/conditioning training programs are developed for students 
Video analysis of students' skating 
Selected guest speakers and unique off-ice activities enhance learning 

Why is it beneficial to be affiliated with a Licensed Hockey Canada Program?
Hockey Canada Skills Academy (HSCA) is a recognized national program with proven skill results that build confidence. The Hockey Canada affiliation helps to standardize the delivery of the hockey experience through HCSA on- and off-ice skill development training curriculum/guide, HCSA on- and off-ice skill development training videos and annual professional development training seminar for instructors.