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Georges P. Vanier Secondary

​​The CSI program is a blend of Chemistry and English 11 courses to provide an engaging, hands on learning program in order to participate in a crime scene investigation.​

In preparation, students will work towards acquiring the skills necessary to solve the crime during the Chemistry 11 and English 11 courses.   They will practice fingerprinting techniques, blood analysis, code breaking, forensic analysis, and the scientific method within the framework of the Chemistry 11 curriculum. In English, the focus is on the genre of crime stories. Students will identify and create elements like suspense, irony and surprise that they will incorporate into their writing and final CSI: Vanier Episode.
      Smaller cross-curricular projects and guest speakers throughout the semester will highlight the connections between Chemistry and English and further develop students' ability to communicate and work collaboratively.

Click here to visit Vanier's CSI website.​