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Georges P. Vanier Secondary
Grad Transitions

Graduation Transitions

As part of Grade 12 graduation in BC, all students are required to complete a course called Graduation Transitions (GT). 

At GP Vanier, this course is offered outside of the timetable through the Work Experience Office (WEX) with David Merrick and Kelley Giorgianni.

What do students need to complete for Graduation Transitions?

Students must complete the following:

1)  30 hours of work/volunteer experience

2)  Grad Transition workshops

3)  Exit Interview

4)  Graduation Transition booklet

Once the student has completed all the requirements a final 'Requirement met' mark will appear on their report card and transcript.

How are students scheduled for GT?

Grade 12 students will be divided into two groups to complete their graduation transitions.

Semester 1:  Early grads as well as any students that will be off-site for second semester (ACE-IT, dual-credit etc.) and students that have already completed and submitted documentation for the 30 hours of work experience will be scheduled to complete their grad transition in semester 1. 

Semester 2:  All other grade 12 students will be scheduled for semester 2.

Work/Volunteer Experience Hours

All students must complete 30 hours of work/volunteer experience.  To receive credit, students must have documented hours signed off by a supervisor and the paperwork need to be submitted to the WEX office.  The required forms are available in the work experience office. 


Students must attend 4 out of 6 workshops.  Topics for the workshops include: Mental Health and Wellness, Banking/Investing, Resume & Cover Letters, Applying for Student Loans, Applying to Colleges & Universities, Finding Bursaries & Scholarships etc.

*Attendance is mandatory and will be taken

*Sign-up sheets will be posted outside of the Work Experience office.

Grad Transitions Booklet

Each student will receive a grad transition booklet to complete.  Students must complete all sections to receive credit. If parts are not complete, not legible, or do not meet the requirements, the booklet will be returned to the student to re-do and re-submit.

*Grad transition booklets will be handed out during the workshops

*Completed booklets can be handed in to the WEX office

Exit Interview

Students will go through an interview process and will be interviewed potentially by mayors, police/fire chief, city counselors, retired principals, etc.

*Assigned dates and times will be posted outside of the WEX office

Important Dates:

Semester 1 Grad Transitions:                               Semester 2 Grad Transitions:

November 28th- Workshops                                    April 10th- Workshops

January 9th- Booklets due                                       May 22nd- Booklets due

January 16th- Exit Interviews                                   May 29th​- Exit Interviews


Who do you contact if you need help or have a question?

If students need help completing their booklets they can sign up for support during flex-time on Wednesday afternoons which will be available in room 114.

If you have any questions please come see Mr. Merrick in room 161 or Anna or Kelley in the Work Experience office.

Mr. Dave Merrick can be reached by email at 

Ms. Kelley Giorgianni can be reached by email at

Ms. Anna McElwain can be reached by email at Anna

​​​To read more about Graduation Transitions program guide: