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Georges P. Vanier Secondary

​​​​​​​​The next PAC Meeting is January 15, 2019.  Here is the agenda:  ​Vanier PACAgenda-Mar12.docx ​

Interested in the Curriculum changes coming for Grades K-9 (2016/17) and 10-12 (2017/18)?  Please follow this link:​

Vanier PAC mtg​ September 18, 2018.docx​​​​​

Vanier PAC AGM 2018.docx

Approved budget Vanier PAC.pdf

Vanier PAC mtg November 20, 2018.docx

Vanier PAC meeting January 15 2019.docx

Vanier PAC mtg. February 19 2019.docx

Vanier PAC mtg. March 12 2019.docx

Vanier PAC Meeting April 16 2019.docx

Vanier PAC mtg May 21 2019.pdf

Vanier PAC Constitution7306.pdf