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Highland Secondary


iMaker Program is a district program of choice located at Highland Secondary School.  The 2016/2017 school year was the inaugural year for this program.

 The iMaker Program is for students with a passion for technology, programming, coding, robotics, game and digital design – hackers, creators and tinkerers.  The "maker" culture is founded on technology based DIY or what some call "digital fabrication".  Students in the iMaker Program explore information and computer technologies and utilize these technologies to facilitate individualized learning by 'making' artifacts that represent who they are as learners and people.  Artifacts produced are as diverse as learner interests, however examples to date include: rockets designed and then 3-D printed, circuit boards designed then laser cut, building computer games utilizing coding skills, designing a game 'map', or coding an Arduino micro-controller to provide RGB under-lighting for a VEX competition robot. More examples can be found at the iMaker Website.

 This program also provides a community of strong social-emotional support through connection with their group of peers while encouraging outward growth as senior secondary students integrated with the Highland School community.

 1st Year iMaker students work with a specialist iMaker teacher for half of their timetable to complete a grouping of iMaker elective courses which emphasizes project and inquiry based learning, as well as an Independent Directed Studies (IDS courses), which asks each student to design and explore their own specialized "spark" projects in depth.  The iMaker students' other half of the timetable is filled with required core academic courses in either regular face-to-face classrooms at Highland or online through Navigate - or a combination of both settings depending on the preferences of each student. A typical 1st year iMaker schedule may look like this:​

 Semester 1Semester 2
A BlockiMakeriMaker
B BlockiMakeriMaker
C BlockRequired Course*Required Course*
D BlockILC (Independent Learning Center)** ILC (Independent Learning Center)**

*          Grade 10 required academics:  English 10; Science 10; Math 10; Social Studies 10; PE 10;

**        ILC – Online required course completion via Navigate with in school time/support.

 2nd and 3rd Year iMaker students have the opportunity to take an iMaker  block anywhere in their schedule and may choose to take 1, 2, 3 or even 4 blocks in any one semester provided it supports their graduation plan and has passed the iMaker teacher's approval.

 The iMaker Program is a program of choice and as such has a fee for 1st year students of $200 to cover the costs of technology, consumables and a portion of field trips. 2nd and 3rd year fees are dependent on the number of iMaker blocks scheduled and type of projects undertaken.

 To register for the program, please click here or visit the program section of the school's website.

 For more information Contact:

    1. Dean Patterson: Principal, Highland Secondary School          dean.patterson@sd71.bc.ca
    2. Jim Tattrie:  iMaker teacher, Highland Secondary School        james.tattrie@sd71.bc.ca