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Mark R. Isfeld Secondary
MyEd Resources for Parents

Using the MyEd Portal -

The MyEducation portals give students and families online access to information about attendance, grades, transcript and credits. Depending how teachers are using the program, it will also list homework assignments, missing assignments and other important information about classes.

To access your son or daughter's MyEd account, use the link available through the webpage. MyEd is found in the Utility Links button in the top left part of the page. This will take you to the Log In page. You will need your son or daughter's student number, and password. If students have not logged in already, the generated password was Isfeld!2016 . If they have changed the password, and can no longer remember it, an administrator can reset it to another value and send you the information.

Once in the site, you can see on the front page any changes in attendance or grades in the last 30 days. You can narrow it down to one or the other by choosing one of the categories. There is also a To Do box with overdue assignments, assignments due today or tomorrow. If the teacher is putting future assignments in their gradebook, they will show up here, or in the calendar top tab.

Most parents will want to see the Academics tab, with current progress and marks. The name of the class (in blue) is a hyperlink taking you to the details of the class you click on. A side tab of assignments will show individual assignments in the class. If the assignment is marked, it will show up as a score. Sometimes an assignment has a "no score" beside it – this means that the assignment details are public, but marks have not been entered by the teacher. On the Academics tab, you are also able to email teachers directly. By clicking the Options button (top left) and send email, a pop-up will appear with all of your son or daughter's teachers. To send the email to only the teachers you want to, you X out the others in the box.

There is a help button at the top left of every page (except the first page).

Hope this helps. The evening sessions walk through most of this information and show some useful features of the program.