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Holiday Hamper (Click for attached newsletter)

November 28, 2018

​Once again as the holiday season approaches Miracle Beach Elementary will be partnering with Black Creek Foodbank for our Annual Food Hamper Drive.   In the spirit of giving and in hopes of making this season a little brighter for those in need, classrooms will be asked bring in non-perishable items to fill a hamper.   Your generous contributions will help us ensure quality hampers are delivered to the 75 families who have signed up for support this year.​

The goal is for hampers to contain a variety of non-perishable food items to assist a family during the holiday season.   We are providing a list of suggested items, as the emphasis of the hampers will be food, grocery gift cards are also ideal and will go towards perishables for families.  As we have done in the past we will have an envelope in the front office to accept cash donations as well.

Items will be accepted up to Monday December 17th when hampers will be collected, sorted and distributed at a later date to the community.  Items can be taken to the classroom. We will also have a bin available to those who want to donate during the Christmas Concerts on the 13th.

Thank you in advance for all your support with this local holiday hamper campaign.  It truly makes a difference to the families over the holiday!​​​

Non Perishable Items:

Canned Soup                      Instant Noodles           Canned Vegetables
Instant Potatoes                 Canned Fruit                Cereal (Non Sugar)
Oatmeal                              Beans                          Pancake Mix and Syrup
Canned Chili                       Canned Stew               Peanut Butter
Jam                                     Canned Salmon           Canned Tuna
Pasta                                  Pasta Sauce                 Granola Bars
Macaroni and Cheese        Crackers                        Juice 1L
Coffee                                Tea                               Sugar
Flour                                  Instant Side Dishes- Side Kicks and or Hamburger Helper​

Thank you for supporting this important, local cause!

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