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Queneesh Elementary
Personal Information Consent


Consent for the Collection, Use and Sharing of Personal Information

­­­­­Schools and Districts collect, use, and share student personal information that is directly related to and necessary for their educational functions. For other school or education-related purposes, parental or student consent is required.


The Board of Education of School District No. 71 (Comox Valley) is seeking your consent to collect, keep, use and share photographs, videos, images, and/or names of students in a variety of publications and on the school or District's website(s) for education related purposes, such as recognizing and encouraging student achievement, building the school community, celebrating your child's accomplishments, and informing others about school and District programs and activities.


For example, student names, and/or images may be used or shared in

  • school and District communications, such as newsletters, brochures, reports in limited or public circulation;
  • school and District websites;
  • student and class portfolios
  • online communities created by teachers and administrators to share ideas, content and messages;
  • student and/or teacher made videos, CDs, and DVDs designed for educational use only;
  • press releases to local media and this includes photos of graduates that are posted annually


If you do not want this type of information published, complete the appropriate section of the Protocol and Consent Form that was sent home.​