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Valley View Elementary
Valley View Elementary Playground
​summary for BCAA Play Here Contest
Valley View Elementary Playground

​summary for BCAA Play Here Contest

Valley View Elementary School

 Vancouver Island/Coast

  • Category: Recreational & Active Living
  • Location: 2300 Valley View Drive

Potential Improvements

Our playground is very well used by the school population and by the community on the weekends and after school. The location of our playground is central within the Comox and Courtenay area, and the shared space between School District 71 (Comox Valley), the City of Courtenay and The Comox Valley Soccer Association and the Slow Pitch ball league makes the playground a magnet for children and families. The existing toy is old, broken down, damaged and now unsafe. Valley View Elementary School, School District #71 and Valley View PAC have pulled together a lot of money to replace the toy. We are looking to add more accessible items and elements to the new toy so all kids can play together. We wish to improve the safety surface to eliminate the pea gravel debris which prevents use of the black top area around the toy due to flying rocks. Also, we want the new surface to be conducive for wheel chair use or safe for people with mobility challenges. Currently, we are looking at Engineered Wood Fibre in lieu of pea gravel, but were most interested in a pour in place rubber surface to minimize scattering debris and provide a safe landing for users of the toy.

Community Impact

Valley View Elementary is a community hub. School(s) - elementary and secondary in close proximity, soccer club, slow pitch club, and neighbourhood, Many residences are within walking distance to our site and the facility is very well used by many, particularly families. Dog walkers enjoy the fenced fields where their pets can get exerice safely while children can also play. The school is youngish - only 22 years old, very well maintained so the community has a lot of pride in the school. The grounds also are well maintained and the existing big toy is becoming an eyesore. Not only is it unsafe, it is unattractive and looks shoddy compared to the beauty around it.



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