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Valley View Elementary
Changes in Education

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District letter about communicating student learning

Communicating Student Learning.pdf​​

New Curriculum coming soon in BC

Curricular redesign ​​- an explanation about why change is necessary

core competencies​ - fundamental building blocks that weave through all curricular areas

Big Ideas​ - for richer learning experiences

BC edplan - a multi-year, multi-partner plan to better align teaching, assessment and student learning revolving around 5 key ideas:  1) Personalized learning for every student 2) Quality teaching and learning 3) Flexibility and choice 4) High standards 5) Learning empowered by technology

Improvements with Communication of Student Learning

What do Letter Grades have to do with Performance.docx - Article by Jordan Tinney, 2014, about how letter grades do not lead to improved student performance.

e-portfolios​ - link to sd71 tab with more information about e-portfolios.

My EducationBC - new ministry supported program to house student information and communicate student learning.