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Valley View Elementary
School Supplies

We are changing school supply formats for next school year. Teachers will purchase all necessary school supplies and materials needed and parents are asked to pay a student supplies fee, due by the end of September 2020:

  • $35 for Kindergarten students 
  • $40 for Grade 1-3 students 
  • $45 for Grade 4-7 students  

This approach will ensure equity and equality among all students and will save parents time (no shopping) and money, as our bulk discount is significant. Parents will still need to provide their children with:

  • ​a backpack, lunch bag 
  • a water bottle 
  • appropriate shoes for gym (preferably no black soles, as they scuff the floors)

We hope this new school supply initiative will help reduce waste, cost, the pressure of last-minute shopping and ensure all students are ready to learn with all their supplies when needed.