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Valley View Elementary
Walking Field Trip Permission

​​Walking Field Trip Consent Form

The following is the information about walking field trips at Valley View Elementary.


Elementary School Walking Field Trip Consent


Dear Parent / Guardian:

Your son/daughter may/will be involved in a variety of activities, which involve the student leaving the school grounds on foot. School district policy requires the school to have the consent of parents each time the student leaves the school grounds. Activities could include students walking to other schools (eg. Isfeld) to participate in activities, special event jogging around the neighbourhood (Terry Fox Run, Jingle Bell Run), students going on a nature walk with their teacher or other similar activities.  For all of these activities, proper footwear and clothing are needed and following the instructions of the adult supervisor(s) would be expected behaviour.

Rather than send home a permission slip for each smaller venture, we are asking your cooperation in reviewing this annual permission form, which will cover all neighborhood activities that do not require transportation by vehicle.  There will be adult supervision for every walking field trip.

This is in accordance with board policy 6031 governing same-day travel by students. Parents will be informed of any such activities at least two school days before they are to take place unless an emergent opportunity presents itself.  We will make every effort to give parents as much notice for walking field trips as possible.

Any field trips other than the above (defined as being out of the school and returning back the same day on foot) will continue to be dealt with using individual event forms. Thank you for your attention to the above. Should you have any questions, please contact the school and talk to Principal Mrs. Robertson at 250-897-0343.​