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Aspen Park Elementary




​​Welcome to Aspen Park Elementary School
Aspen is a ​7 Habits (The Leader in Me) School since 2009!   

Mr. Schilling has returned to school as of August 22nd.  Please feel free to drop by after that date if the front door is unlocked.  New families are welcome to look around the school in late August if this will help make your​ child's transition smoother.
We are very excited to be able to share that we have 44 registrations so far for Kindergarten September 2016 (and they continue to come in).  This is great news and it shows that Aspen is a place where families want their children to attend.  I sent out Kindergarten gradual entry info by email already so please reply to me if you have not received anything for Kindergarten.

We are being staffed for 12 divisions plus ENTER so one more than this year.  We have a waiting list now for grade KF to grade 7.  We have been asked by the school board to look at what we would do if another division (up to 14 total) was added to our school for September.  Right now we are expecting 339 students for September 2016 !

If you are looking for specific information about registration for next year, then you need to contact the school board office at
250-334-5500.  The board office is accepting all registrations now​ (as of August 22nd) so that there is no duplication between schools.

School supply lists for September 2016 are here:  ASPEN_School_Supplies_2016_2017_Primary_Intermediate_July2016.pdf

I have updated the school/parent handbook and you can access it here.

Please contact me by email at the address below if you have any questions.  

Charles Schilling, Principal
Email is charles.schilling@sd71.bc.ca
Site​ updated August 22​