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Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting Going Forward

​​​​​​​​​​The purpose of this page is to give you links to some of the changes in BC education coming at us ALL IN ONE PLACE!

Another person is SD36 has done the same thing:​

There has been significant change in the education system and more to come over the next couple of years.  This page will have links for you to find information about 3 main areas below.  Please feel free to use this information as you like and share this information with colleagues.

In 2015/2016, the first place to start was the "Guiding Principles for changes in the Ministry of Education" to see what the current and ongoing focus is at the Ministry of Ed.​  For this year 2016/2017, look below in red:

What's New for September 2016?

​​There have been some updates to a number of different topics since we left in June!  The Ministry just released an "Educator Update" ​ and they just released a summary document as well.

Here is some of What's New:

New Reporting Order​ (  StudentReportingOrderSept2016.pdf  )  and 

New Required Courses of Study Order (  RequiredCoursesofStudySept2016.pdf  )

New Courses K-9: Career Education (MCE) ; ​Applied Design, Skills and Tech (MADST) ; 

Changed Courses K-9: 
Phys Ed is now Physical and Health Education ( MPHE which includes DPA )
Health and Career is now split into Career Ed ( MCE ) and the health part is in MPHE
Fine Arts is now Art Education and this includes Music ( MAE )

Portfolios can continue WITHOUT letter grades based on "Schedule 2" of the new reporting order

Tech Update

1.   Login changes have been done over the summer by the IT dept.  Your login for school computers, Portal, AMS, Web Center are ALL the same now ... use first.last as your login.  Hour Zero for H+S is still your email to login.

2.    Email is changed and now is on "exchange" so using chrome or IE, you go to​

3.    Using full outlook requires some extra settings (remove profile first) so here is how you do that:  Go into Control Panel; From the top right corner change your "View by" to small icons. ; Open the Mail (32-bit) app. ; Click on Show Profiles button. ; Select the profile (likely called Outlook) and click Remove. ; Now click on Add. ; Call the new profile SD71 or whatever you want. ; Enter in your name, email and password. ; Click next, you may get prompted for a username and password, enter in sd71\first.last and your password.

4.    Scholantis had an update this summer as well so there are new features like portfolio export!  If you want to know more, click​

5.  Office 365 is also brand new but all I know is that all your regular Microsoft programs like Word and Excel are online now ( instead of installed on your computer hard-drive ).  Here is what Josh Porter just sent out:  

Over the summer, we have implemented Office 365 for all staff and will be enabling accounts for students as well provided the proper consent is received. Student email will be included in this system – student email addresses will be One of the immediate benefits is you now have access to install the Office 2016 suite on up to 5 personal devices (including Mac) at no cost.

To login, go to the SD71 website, click on Utility Links in the upper left corner then click the Office 365 link.
Username: your district email address (
Password: your email password



New Course MADST or Applied Design Sills and Technology.  Big Ideas are grouped for grades K+1 then 2+3 then 4+5 then 6+7.  This has to be reported on at the END of the year.  The grade 6+7 curricular competencies look more like traditional ICT, WW, MW, Textiles etc "exploratory" courses previously.  The lower grade curricular​ competencies are more general and expected to be integrated into other content areas.

New Course MCE or Career Education.  There are defined big ideas from K-7 and they are all different.  Most of the content centers around 
Personal Development;
Connection to Community; and then
Life and Career Plans at higher grades

Just added Sept 20:  

Hi everyone...some of you were admiring the new curriculum tables I was printing off this morning. You can find them at the link below...

SD36 has put together has put together word documents for each subject and grade with a Know-Do-Understand Format.  The templates are pretty thick but may be useful:

An introduction to the new curriculum design talks about the "Know-Do-Understand" or "Content-Competency-Big Idea" structure of the new curriculum

Here is the latest update about the new curriculum K-9​.   Note that "draft" no longer appears for the K-9 although technically the changes are mandated for September 2016.  The draft focus is now on for 10-12.  There were no significant changes to the K-9 curriculum that we looked at in the spring

​In addition to the new curriculum ready for you to use, the new competencies are ready to go as well.

With new curriculum and new competencies, the Ministry is committed to a new framework for work going forward by districts.  There is information about this new framework here​.


​This graphic gives you an overview of the changes coming to provincial assessments at elementary (FSA)

​The Ministry has an advisory group reworking assessment and their long report can be found here​.

Looking for info on BC Performance Standards?  Click here


The Ministry has released a new reporting order (  StudentReportingOrderSept2016.pdf ).  The order updates what we must do with respect to reporting to parents.  Here are some highlights:

- performance scale for Kindergarten is now (i) Exceeding Expectations, (ii) Meeting Expectations, or (iii) Approaching Expectations; 

- performance scale for grade 1 to 3 is now   (i) Exceeding Expectations,(ii) Meeting Expectations, (iii) Approaching Expectations, or (iv) Not Yet Meeting Expectations; 

- written comments must still include
what the student is able to do,
)  the areas in which the student requires further attention or development, and
(iii) ways of supporting the student in his or her learning; 

- End of year report must include written comments for: 
(i) the learning outcomes for the following subjects:  Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies, and Career Education, and 

(ii) a student self-assessment on core competencies. 

Six_Guiding_Parameters_for_Reporting_Oct2014.pdf  is a file with information from work that was done around reporting by Allan Douglas's committee and SD71 Parameters for Reporting June 2015.docx is an another summary of the work that the district reporting committee worked on.  This committee continues and Jocelyn is a part of it. 

Going to use digital portfolios this year then click Learn 71 here​​ and Scholantis here for help getting started.

There are lots of resources for MyEdBC on the Learn 71 website.  Click here to access them​.

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