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Aspen Park Elementary
About Aspen


Aspen Park Elementary School is an urban K-7 school in Comox, British Columbia.  Students live in a mixture of existing and newer residential subdivisions around the school and can walk to school.  Click here for a google map of the area.

We have 332 students in our regular program and the school also houses the Navigate ENTER program for robotics.  ENTER has 18 students in it and those students are here from Tuesday to Thursday each week and do distributed learning on Mondays and Fridays. 

School starts each day at 8:45am.  There is outside recess time from 10:15 to 10:30am each day.  Lunch starts at 11:45am and students go outside until 12:10pm.  They come in from outside time to eat and then the afternoon starts at 12:30pm.  The end of the day is 2:30pm

There are 15 divisions for the 2017 2018 school year in our regular program with:

Primary has 2 divisions of Kindergarten; 2 divisions of grade 1; 1 division of grade 1/2; 1 division of grade 2/3; and 2 divisions of grade 3/4 ;

Intermediate has 1 division of grade 4; 1 division of grade 4/5; 2 divisions of grade 5/6 ; 1 division of grade 6/7; and 1 division of grade 7 ​

The school is well equipped with computers in the library and in the computer lab, a full music program, a multipurpose room, and a full size gym in a former middle school building with 2 floors.  There is also a Strong Start Program running in the building on Tuesdays and Thursdays (mornings) and a before and after school care with the Boys and Girls Club.

The school follows Steven Covey's Seven Habits for Healthy Kids as a school wide program.  These habits are taught to students explicitly.  Students in grades 2 to 7 use a school planner daily which helps them with goal setting and is used for 3-way conferences and everyday organization.  The 7-habits program has led the school to develop the following Mission Statement:

At Aspen Park:

We are leaders.

We include all in our journey of learning.

We care for others, ourselves and the earth.

We give our best in everything that we do.


The school has developed a Code of Conduct for students.  This document was developed by consultation with students and parents and staff.