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Aspen Park Elementary
Writing Continuum


Writing Continuum is now posted on the wall!!

We have received our writing continuum back from the printshop and one copy is now posted on the long wall down towards to music room.  Please have a look at what we have been doing during PLC time.  Students will now be able to take their own writing samples and compare them to samples in the continuum.  Some photos are attached below.

IMG_0728.JPG     IMG_0726.JPG     IMG_0727.JPG

If you would like to get a copy of our continuum to preview, pleaes send me an email.  The conversations that took place as we looked at student writing samples, discussed what was important in student writing and debated how we could make everything student friendly ... these were some of the best parts of this journey.

If you are looking to build your own continuum to use with students, start with good samples of writing.  Get students to the place where they can turn a critical eye to a sample of writing and then ... get them to analyse their own writing after going through that process.  This is really important.  We found that students needed scaffolding to get to knowledge that would allow them to look critically at their own writing!

Other things that helped to make this project successful

- the use of colour for the different traits of writing helped students to focus on one or a few parts at a time (highlighting with one colour allows a student to focus on one trait at a time)

- this is a great whole school project but can also be a class project where one or two traits are the focus

- we chose to focus only on the positive aspects of a piece of writing (it is all about students getting better at writing)