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Aspen Park Elementary

​​Aspen Elementary Sports

This is the place to find out the latest information about sports activities.

Volleyball in November

Boys Schedule / Girls Schedule

Nov 2 at Cumberland / Girls Hosting

Nov 9 Aspen Hosting / Girls at Puntledge

Nov 16 at Valley View / Girls Hosting

Nov 23 at Puntledge / Girls Hosting

Nov 30 Aspen Hosting / Girls at Brooklyn​

Basketball in January 2016

We did some sign up to see how many students were interested.  Based on this and talking with the other elementary schools (all the bigger schools have enough 7s for a team), it was decided for Elementary basketball:

There will be a grade 7 team and league.  We have enough boys and girls to make a team for each gender so Aspen is in the grade 7 league.  There is also going to be a grade 5/6 boys team that we will work to organize games for going forward.  We could not be in the grade 6 league because it is on Monday as well when the grade 7 teams play.

Practices will be as follows:

Lunch - Gr 5s
After school - grade 7 Game Day

Lunch - Gr 5s
After school - grade 7 boys (week 2 and 4)

Before School-  Gr 6 Boys
Lunch - Gr 6/7 Girls
After school - grade 7 boys (week 1 and 3)

Lunch - Gr 7 boys
After school - grade 6/7 Girls

Lunch - Gr 6 Boys
After school

Grade 7 Basketball Schedule

Jan 18 Cumberland Boys Here and Aspen Girls at Cumberland

Jan 25 Aspen Boys have a BYE and Aspen Girls hosting Robb Road

Feb 1  Boys hosting Robb Road and Aspen Girls at Valle View

Feb 8  No Games Family Day Holiday

Feb 15  Aspen Boys hosting Lake Trail and Aspen Girls at Valley View

Feb 22  Aspen Boys hosting Airport and Aspen Girls at Airport

Grade 6 Boys Schedule

Feb 4 at Miracle Beach

Feb 18 at Queneesh

Feb 22 at Denman (leave at 12:30 and catch 1:15 ferry)

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